Burhaniyeli Turizmci asked for cable car construction

Burhaniyeli Tourism Teleferik requested to be done: Balikesir, Burhaniye district, School of Applied Sciences at the conference on Tourism Expectations 2016 Year Hüseyin Aktaş Tourism Expectations in the district, the brand wanted to be implemented in the projects. Taylıeli'nde Aktas asked for a ropeway to be built between the two peaks, the ship will be suitable for the Nuhun ship under the name of the ship told.

In Burhaniye, the projects that will arouse curiosity in people who want to be prepared Tourism Tourist Hussein Aktas, wanted to make permanent investments. Asking for the extension of the tourism season, Aktaş said, ”We want to make things interesting in humans. For this, a ship should be built on Ören beach. This must be Noah's Ark. A cable car can also be built between the two hills in Taylieli. I believe it will attract a lot of attention. The old school in Taylıeli started to be used as a Quran course. The Qur'an course can be taken to another place and this school can be brought into tourism. Besides the Meço site on the Ören coast, there are touristic lands. These cottages should be built in bungalows. I hope that such projects will extend the tourism season in our district. Bu