Skiing in Bitlis in April

Enjoy skiing in April in Bitlis: Turkey's taking place in many parts of the spring season, Bitlis kayaksev are experiencing the joy of skiing in April.

The Nemrut Kardelen Ski Center, located between Nemrut Crater Lake and Lake Van, was selected as the winner within the scope of the European Distinguished Destinations (EDEN) Project, and offers citizens the opportunity to slide against the unique landscape.

Tatvan town 13 kilometers away from the established to Nemrut Mountain foothills and between the ski resorts in Turkey 180 centimeters with a maximum snow depth measured by the ski resort, although April saw a crowd turnout of kayaksever from the neighboring provinces of Bitlis centers and districts.

Nemrut Kardelen Ski Center Manager Faruk Sinoğlu said that people started to swim in the Aegean Region and in the southern parts, but they are still skiing in Bitlis on April 4.

Expressing that the ski center is located at the point where blue and white meet, Sinoglu said:

“Let's know the value of our country. We have a country where we live together for 4 seasons. While people start to swim in the Aegean Region and in the southern parts, we are still skiing here on April 4. Ski lovers enjoy skiing in April. We're not kidding April 1, it's April 4 today and we're skiing. Our view is very beautiful. The view of Lake Van is excellent. We are in touch with nature. We are at the point where blue and white meet. Our difference from other ski resorts is our view. We enjoy skiing against the view of Van Lake. The rope length of our runway is 2 meters. We have 500 tracks in our facility. When our ski lovers come down from the summit, they slide 4 kilometers. We currently have 7 tracks open. "

Sinoğlu stated that the ski center is located on the slopes of Nemrut Crater Lake and Mount Nemrut, which was selected as the winner within the scope of EDEN Project and said that the geographical location of Bitlis is excellent.

Sinoğlu said, “Our ski lovers enjoy skiing in the beautiful scenery. "After we realize our projects, this will be a complex."

Bakır Geldegül, one of the ski lovers, stated that he liked skiing very much and enjoyed skiing in April and said, "We enjoy skiing while everyone in the west is swimming".

Merve Günaydın Yılmaz also stated that he has been working for Tatvan in 3 years.

“We're skiing in April. The ski center and facilities are very nice. Nemrut Crater Lake is an excellent and must-see place. The facility has a very beautiful and long runway. Longer than many tracks. We are skiing against Lake Van. When you reach the top of the ski center, you come across a very beautiful view. You can capture beautiful photo frames. Paragliding can be done here. My family is in Izmir. It bloomed there. I also tell my family that we are still skiing here. I'm sending them photos because they don't believe it. "