Plan Change for Cable Car to Beydağ

Plan Change for the Cable Car to the Beydağ: The Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Council completed its April work with the third session. In the parliamentary meeting, which was held with the zoning weighted agenda, which was chaired by Şefik Şengün, issues such as loan authorization to Çakır for the infrastructure investments of MASKİ and MEGSAŞ's capital increase were discussed and resolved.

Cable car
The ropeway project of the Metropolitan Municipality to the city center was accepted in accordance with the commission report.

1 along Fuzuli Street, from the side of the Cable Car Line, Peripheral Finance (Tax Administration) building. Station Station, 2. The station will be established between the Çamlık Region, this year 1. section tender will be announced.

Credit authorization to Çakır
Authorities of Ahmet Çakır were approved for the use of the loan in order to use MASKI's Zaviye, Hacıabdi, Şeyhbayram, Turgut Özal, Özalper, Fırat, Çöşnük neighborhoods and the Yazihan Akyazı neighborhood sewerage line, İriağaç, Çavuş Districts drinking water line construction works.

Zoning plan change for solar power plants
Yeşilyurt district Cumhuriyet Exampleköy District Parcels 553, 1053, 1191 and 1382 and Akçadağ Mihmanlı Neighborhood Plots 169, 262-B, 262 and 297 parcels of the plot plan 'Renewable Energy Resources-Based Production Facility Area' while recognizing the consultation to be replaced, Turkey Youth Foundation's 'Educated Youth Project for the Future' was agreed to be partners with 412 thousand.

MEGSAŞ's capital increased
MEGSAŞ's capital increase of 2 million 228 thousand TL indicates that the 212 public transport vehicle operated by MOTAŞ as a bus has been operating on certain lines. Transportation Services Department's proposals about transportation lines, buses, public transport related structures, facilities, upper and lower structures until the 31.12.2024 until 31.12.2030 until XNUMX were discussed and accepted.

While informing the Assembly about the appointment of Murat Nalçacı to the Head of the Mukhtar Affairs Department of the Metropolitan Municipality; The proposal of the Office of the Head of the Mukhtar Directorate about the project to fight against cherry fly was also accepted.

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