Thanks for the Fast and Freight Train from Bekiroğlu

Thanks for the Fast and Freight Train from Bekiroğlu: AK Party Çorum Province President Rumi Bekiroğlu Thanks for the Fast and Freight Train.

Bekiroğlu, mal As recently known to the public; The railway project, which is of great importance for the future of our city, has undergone significant developments. The promised in 1925, is it, will it? Is she here or there? Or dream? The railway project that is thought to have been clarified by our follow-up since 2012. The first part of the railway, which concerns the province of 95 KM Delice - Çorum Railway Surveying, Engineering and Consultancy Service work 4.015.540 18 April 2016 contracted as of the date XNUMX as of the date of the contract once again to our city good and auspicious.

We believe that our city will make a great contribution to industry, trade and tourism; In addition to facilitating transportation, it will reduce the cost of our production with high transportation costs, bring closer to raw material resources and trigger new investments. With the entrepreneurial spirit of our businessmen and such investments of our state, we think that the construction of the big Çorum of the future will be faster.

We would like to thank our Government, MPs, Mayor and all those who contributed to the struggle of the railway in our city. Ş

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