Train at the train, 2 dead

Aydýn Train Disaster, 2 Dead: Two young people who wanted to pass by pedestrian level crossing in the Nazilli district of Aydın were under the train. The motorcycle driver 17 is the age of the mother. while the 15-aged UK died in the hospital.

According to information obtained from the accident, Şehitler Park pedestrian crossing at the clock occurred in the 22.00 ranks. 09 PK 278 plate to ride home with the companion of his friend on his motorcycle Martyrs Park walks through the passage to EEŞ., Izmir, Denizli to Denizli 32261 number 8 (50) trains run under the RA and did not recognize the young people under the pile of iron.

The impact of the impact of the driver's foot, was taken to the hospital by teams from the scene. The UK behind the engine was found wounded under the train after an 50 meter from the crash site. UK and health teams 20 minute rescue operation under the train from the UK removed from the Nazilli State Hospital died.

The relatives of the two young men who were forced to cross the motor vehicles were not allowed to go to their homes. The families of young people who died lost a nervous breakdown after the news of death. On the other hand, books and notebooks came out of the UK's crashed backpack. After the accident, the train was waiting for 2 hours and the mechanic Ramazan Aslan was taken into custody. The prosecutor's office has launched an investigation into the incident.

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