Ski tourism move from Alanya

Ski tourism move from Alanya: Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALTSO) decided to accelerate the works of Alanya-Akdağ Winter Sports Tourism Center, which started to work in 2008.

In order to implement the project, the technical team from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Regional Directorate of National Parks, ALTSO President Mehmet Şahin, Alanya Forestry Operation Manager Cihat Yıkıcı and Nature Conservation and National Parks Chief Mevlüt Kodal visited the region. ALTSO President Mehmet Şahin, who examined Akdağ, which is the second highest mountain in the region with a height of 60 thousand 2 meters, which is 721 kilometers east of the city with a technical team, said that they will do their part to implement the project known as Akdağ Ski Center.


Stating that the Akdağ Ski Center, which is planned to be built, has historical importance for Alanya, Mayor Mehmet Şahin said, “With the permission of Allah, we will bring the Akdağ Ski Center to Alanya. Currently we want to make some changes to the current plan. First of all, we will expand the area in the plan. We also saw the runway areas and the points where mechanical facilities will be built. We are doing a comprehensive review with friends from the ministry. We will speed up this process. "We intend to open this region, which is an alternative tourism opportunity, to tourism and contribute to the economy of the region."


Cihat Yıkıcı, Forest Operations Manager who reminded that the region was declared as a tourism center in 1995, said:

“The field is also included in the wildlife area under the responsibility of national parks. There was a transportation problem here. We have solved this problem in an alternative way, the way we previously made with the municipalities union in 2013 and the connection established by our forest management directorate. With a 6-kilometer road built, we provided the transportation problem, at least the technical delegation, the opportunity to reach here easily. After that, we will make the final allocation report to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of this place after the examination of the national parks. After that, it will be under the responsibility of the ministry. "