Smart Highway of the 3rd Bridge Viewed from Air

3 copru
3 copru

  1. The smart highway of the Bridge was viewed from the air: The highway of the 3rd Bridge, which will stimulate the region economically, was viewed from the air.

One of the most important projects carried out in Turkey Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge recently and stayed for a short time to complete the North Marmara Motorway.

General Directorate of Highways, construction and project work on the ongoing North Marmara Motorway and the highway will provide access to the road traffic routes were recorded.


In the project, valleys are overcome by viaducts that cost 4 times more than the normal roads, while in some regions the height of viaducts reaches to 85 meters. Within the scope of the project, 13.5 viaduct is made in 64 kilometers. 3. The viaducts occupy an important place on the 116 kilometer highway constructed within the scope of the Bridge and North Marmara Highway Project.

13.5 kilometers of the highway pass through the viaduct. 64 of the 48 viaducts included in the project have been completed, and the viaducts have been made ready for vehicle transition.


The new commercial areas in the Marmara Region and the neighboring provinces, together with the neighboring provinces, are being appreciated by the residents of the region. Yaşar Saç, a resident of Uskumru Village located on the Northern Marmara Motorway route, reacted against those who opposed to the construction of the bridge, and said, alan The bridge was built, is there any use? Why was it done? One hundred trees are cut, one thousand trees are cut. In fact, if the 10 thousand is cut, the country is made way for the nation. UM

3. YOUR SMART BUS is made to the BRIDGE

In addition, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway Project are also equipped with high-tech standards. Work started on the motorway for the Intelligent Transport System. With the system, the traffic flow on the motorway route will be closely monitored, measures will be taken to prevent density and the drivers will be helped to travel safely.


Landscape application has started to be made in accordance with Technical Specifications of Karoyolları at the center and junction points of the splitting and filling slopes to the left of the highway body formed in the scope of the project. Within the scope of the landscaping work, firstly, 15-20 cm thick vegetative soil is spread.

In order to prevent the soil from slipping on the slopes, erosion board and knitted fence applications are made. This herbal soil is plated and leveled and then fertilized. The ground is made ready for planting and germination. The plant and grass species to be used are selected from the species that are suitable for the local growing conditions of the region (heat, light, moisture, glazing, soil quality) and ecosystem.

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