Urban transportation revolution continues at full speed in İzmir

The urban transportation revolution in Izmir continues in full steam: Istanbul has become a city that will envy Ankara and Ankara in terms of urban transportation. Aziz Kocaoğlu signs a complete revolution; This is not a complicated revolution; It is not in the form of a leap, but the "permanent revolution" is flowing.

Last year the final stage of the subway was completed and Izmir Metro reached Fahrettin Altay Square. The arrangement of the square and the subway station were made together and the environment became more beautiful and relaxed. İnönü Street was accessible by metro. In the Gulf of Izmir, the ferry and passenger ferries by the municipality provide a convenient transportation. Six sides of Istanbul are the sea, but the share of the sea in transportation is only 2,5. There is only the gulf in Izmir and Konak-Alsancak Karşıyaka between Göztepe and Üçkuyular. Karşıyaka-Bostanlı contributes to urban transportation by filtering the ferries.

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Lastly, İZBAN (İzmir Suburban Rail System) connected the two industrial zones of the city with Aliağa and Torbalı with the additional line of 30 km between Cumaovası and Tepeköy. The train thus had a total of 110 miles. There will be even 76 voyages on this day, in the morning, in the morning and in the evening to return from work, buzzing, there are frequent flights between the time. Total 38 station is aimed to carry daily 300 thousand passengers in İZBAN's final form.

If I fall down the following note about my personal experience, the function of IZBAN and Metro is better understood: I fly to Istanbul from Adnan Menderes Airport (Friday Friday) and get on İZBAN as soon as I fly. Just after 45 minutes from the plane I am in Güzelyalı. Moreover, only to 2.40 TL!

Free transfer to all public transportation vehicles (İZBAN, Metro, ferry, bus) in İzmir. Moreover, these free transfers are valid for 1,5 hours. You haven't read it wrong, it's the full 1,5 hour. For example, if you get off the ferry and take the bus in Istanbul in a short time, you still pay half a ticket, and once you pay. It is not different in Ankara either. Istanbul and Ankara people can be jealous of the people of Izmir. Transportation is easy, quick and very cheap, socialized.


When I went to Izmir last week, I encountered another innovation in terms of urban transportation. The yönelik Park, ringle, go indeki application is intended to relieve vehicle traffic in the heart of the city. Very accurate and successful application. Now the ball in Izmir ıp Private vehicle owners by joining this application to the car park on the shore of the center should leave the center of ringle. When he gets his job done and returns, he must return to his car in the parking lot. Citizens should come to this practice.

Within the framework of the iyor Park, go on ringle'n application, it is aimed to use the more efficient use of 1200 Parking Lot. According to this, drivers can leave their vehicles in the parking lot for 4 TL during the day and reach Alsancak with a free ring vehicle. In the evenings the 19.00-09.00 charge is 4 TL. In order to encourage the application, the monthly subscription price of the car park was reduced from 150 to TL. In the meantime, within the project centered on Heroes' Parking Lot, four indoor car parks in Alsancak were connected to free ring services. Four ring tools 100 will move one minute. Rings will be only one minute per market of 10.


CHP management has something to do; This urban transportation revolution in Izmir should be promoted in all major cities, especially in Istanbul and Ankara. If you cannot propagate the successes you have made for the moves in the local government, that success will only be found in your neighborhood. The applications of the metropolitan municipality which provides urban transportation in a fast, cheap and comfortable way in İzmir can be shown to the public in other metropolitan areas with videos prepared considering the limited access to the media. In this context, an introductory TIR can be visited in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Adana and Mersin. Other instruments may also be put in place.

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