He risked his life to avoid getting into the mob of metrobus (Video)

He risked his life in order not to enter the metrobus crowd: A young man walking on the iron railings of the overpass to pass the crowd at the Istanbul Şirinevler Metrobus Station in the evening, brought hearts to mouth. Those moments were reflected in the cell phone camera.

Istanbul Şirinevler Metrobus Durağı'da intensity of citizens lived in the evening yesterday evening.

Passengers trying to ride the metrobus formed long queues up to the upper passage. Citizens have difficulty walking, while a citizen has risked his life by walking over the iron railings of the overpass to cross the crowd.

A citizen walking on the balustrade, like a cascade, astonished those who saw it. Those moments were recorded on the overpass, while the moments were recorded by the cell phone camera.

A citizen, who stated that he could not get on the metrobus due to the intensity, said, “People have been waiting for 1 hour. You think there is something, but not, ”he said.



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