Maelbeek metro station reopened when 32 died

The Maelbeek metro station, where the 32 died, was reopened: the Maelbeek subway station near the European Union, which was the target of terrorist attacks in the Belgian capital, was reopened about a month later.

In the early morning, the station began to serve again, the traces of the attacks were completely deleted. . There was nothing wrong with the structure. There were a few things to complete. Tamam

Part of the platform of the renewed station's walls were painted. On the first day, a board was put into the entrance of the station, where the little passenger used, to which the public could write their thoughts on the attacks and the victims.

With the reopening of the Maelbeek metro station, the 22 metro service, which was interrupted after the attacks in March, became fully operational.

In addition to the Maelbeek metro station, the Brussels airport had been the target of suicide attacks on the same day. Da'ish claimed responsibility for the attacks on which 32 was injured.

Brussels airport is also scheduled to reopen 12 days after the attacks.

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