Kars to be the base of the region's railway

Kars will be the railway base of the region: Kars, which has borders with Armenia and has closed all its doors, is preparing to become the railway base of the region with its railway projects.

With the Baku Tbilisi Kars (BTK) Project, the word 'This is Kars, no exit from here' will be used in public. Following the important projects that the government has done recently, Kars Station was also on the agenda. After the completion of the Baku Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Project at the end of this year and the completion of the Logistics Village, a series of renovations will be carried out at Kars Station. The station will be taken into the background, its garden will be organized, the historical lodgings will be renewed and then the passenger and cargo transports will be more widespread with the rail transport to both the Caucasus and Europe.

AK Party Kars deputies Ahmet Arslan, Selahattin Beyribey, AK Party provincial chairman Adem Çalkın and AK Party Kars delegation at Kars Train Station they gave the good news that the base will be.

Considering the fact that the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) Project passes through Kars, the seriousness of the projects is exciting. At this point, the construction site of the town of Selim in Kars continues to work at full speed. TANAP's pipes are also waiting to be picked up on the wagons at Kars Train Station.
On the other hand, it will be re-opened with the restoration works in the historical texture housing in Kars Railway Station. The buildings that are not in use are empty and their windows are covered with iron guards. In the area that will become a more modern facility with the arrangements to be made at the Railway Station, historical gar buildings as well as new service buildings will be built.

AK Party Kars deputy Ahmet Arslan in Kars Train Station said; Alan This is the area where Kars Station is located. As you know, Kars Gaza was not very important until today but it will be of great importance from now on. The reason for this is that the Baku Tbilisi Kars Railway Project is connected to this point and a railroad will be built in the direction of Iğdır and Nakhchivan from this area. 50 was renewed for the first time after the year, and the rail standard was upgraded. In this sense, more modern transportation has become possible and also railroad transport has been provided to our Akyaka district. Rather, our high-speed train from Ankara to Sivas and from Erzincan to Erzincan will be completed by the Erzincan Erzurum Kars high-speed train project. From here, Baku Tbilisi Kars and Georgia to Azerbaijan as a new route to the Central Asia to go to a new line is made and the end of this year until the end of the BTK Project is to finish. Together with the BTK Railway Project, we will be building more modern new gar buildings with the restoration of our historical buildings here, and the loading and unloading areas at the gar site will be transported to the Logistics Center. This type of operations will be done at this point in our station terminal will be much more modernized in our airport. Kars; The Kars high-speed train is becoming a railway base with the BKT Project, with the Kars Iğdır Nakhchivan Railway Project. We always say that this is the Logistics Center which will crown the railway base. Implementation project tender was held last year. State Railways is currently preparing the implementation projects of the Kars Logistics Center. With this logistics center, we will become a province that has benefited from our current location and constitutes an important point on the Iron Silk Road. Bu

The Baku Tbilisi Kars Railway Project, which is of great importance for Kars and for the country, has come to an end and this project is expected to be completed and put into service by the end of the year. With the completion of the BTK Project, the viability of the Kars Railway Station is expected to increase further in the coming years.

Kars Akyaka train service is carried out twice a day at Kars Train Station in the morning and the citizens are attracting a great deal of attention. Turkey Akyaka district on the border with Armenia passengers are transported by raybüs and with the completion of the planned projects will no longer be one of the most important centers in Kars Rail Station spoken Turkey. Recorded that these projects are exciting dimension of Kars Akyaka train passengers, currently used in the railroad system used in the trip said they were very comfortable. Uz We are quite comfortable traveling, we are pleased with the train services, “said the citizens, vatandaş We are traveling from Akyaka to Kars by train. It's much more convenient now than it is, and our journey takes 1 hours. Şimdi

Kars, which will open the way to be the railroad base of railway personnel, 5 floor increase, meaning that the Transportation Officer Sen Kars Provincial Chairman Muharram Toraman, with these projects in terms of economy expects many beauty, he said.

Toraman said: gerçekleştiril Our flights take place twice in the morning: 06: 00 and 16: 00 in the afternoon. 1 Raybüsle 2 XBox we do the journey lasting hours. The projects, which are planned to be put into service at the railway point, will contribute greatly to the economy. These projects mean more cargo, more passengers and more economy. Imagine that from here you can go to Tbilisi by train, to Baku and the people there can come to our province in the same way. At the same time, Central Asia will be transported to Europe. This means the change in the fate of Kars, considering the investments made already, the number of railway personnel will increase to 5, so think of the rest. At this point, Mr. President, Prime Minister and the Deputies of our province never leave us alone and they care about this project very much. Bu
Finally, Kars Provincial Chairman Muharrem Toraman by the Kars Railway Station, who visited the AK Party Kars deputies Ahmet Arslan, Selahattin Beyribey and the AK Party Kars Provincial Chairman Adem Çalkın'a '' ''.

At the end of all these investments; 'This is Kars, there is no exit' promised by the completion of the work of the railway connections in the region will be mixed with history.



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