Izmir's 400 electric bus to build Europe's largest fleet

Izmir Metropolitan 400 will set up Europe's largest fleet by electric bus: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality prepared the biggest fleet in Europe by 400 electric bus and hosted IFC (International Finance Corporation), one of the World Bank institutions. IFC officials made a detailed presentation of the electric buses that the Ministry of Development received in the 2016 investment program, praised the Metropolitan: elektrikli We do business with many cities and municipalities around the world. Izmir, not only in Turkey but also a pioneer in many aspects municipalities we look at the world. "

3 electric buses to the city in 400 years by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality kazanThe project, which will be put into operation, was approved by the Ministry of Development and included in the 2016 investment program, and the world's financial circles once again turned their attention to İzmir. At the same time, the officials of the World Bank Group organization IFC (International Finance Corporation), which came to the city for the electric buses of Izmir, the first project included in the investment program of the Ministry of Development, shared their technical research with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

In the past years Izmir Metropolitan signing of the financing agreements for many major investment by the municipality of IFC's Turkey Representative Aisha Williams Consulting Services Specialist Patrick Avaton, Electric Buses Sector Specialist Emmanuel Pouliqu of Investment Professionals Sebastian Woerle and Ozan BESER perform the presentation of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu also watched. The meeting was attended by Mayor Raif Canbek, Deputy General Secretary Barış Karcı and ESROT Deputy General Manager Fazıl Ölçer with municipal bureaucrats.

Europe's largest fleet will be
IFC officials said that the technological developments in the world about electric buses, the technical information, the prices and the technologies in this area will meet the needs of the city are discussed and discussed as a en team arak in the meeting. .

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will have the biggest fleet of Europe in electric buses with its 40 vehicle, which will be taken as the technology of the future and attracting attention with its environmental aspects.

Environmental investments in public transportation
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu told the guests about the transportation structure of the city and electric buses. Noting that they attach great importance to environmental investments in public transportation, Mayor Kocaoğlu underlined that they would like to increase the 250 kilometer to the Izmir rail system. We would like to start the construction of the metros during the 180 and 2016 years. When we consider the public transportation network of İzmir, we are connecting to our southernmost district from Bergama with the suburbs. We connect with the metro on the east west axis and we want to connect our busy Buca district by metro. We are passing the tram line from the beach and the construction is currently underway. The majority of the electric buses we bought are on 2017-15 kilometers; start from the same place to ring to say, we plan to run in the 20-15 kilometer ring, aynı he said.

IFC praise to Izmir
World Bank International Finance Corporation (IFC) 's Turkey Officer Aisha Williams İzmir Metropolitan Municipality by specifying new and they are ready to work on different projects, is now a "partner" Metropolitan deem such Municipality stressed much they care. . We do business with many cities and municipalities around the world,. Williams said. Not only in terms of Izmir Turkey, a world pioneer in many aspects we look at some of the local council. It is a municipality that performs very well both financially and in terms of project development and social impacts of projects. For this reason, we consider Izmir Metropolitan Municipality not only as an institution in which we provide financing, but also as a long-term and comprehensive business partner with which we provide mutual experience and we are looking for ways to deepen this partnership. What we have learned from our work in Izmir in Turkey as well as in other countries, we want to share with municipalities and companies. We hope to work together with waste and metro projects that are currently in preparation for the coming period. Ümüzdeki

Preparation for 2020
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has carried out its projects with environmental practices, has recently taken its place among the cities that undertook to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least 2020 in areas authorized by the May Covenant of Mayors esi by the end of 20. Metropolitan Municipality plans to contribute to this goal with its electric buses that stand out with its environmentalist feature.

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