Minister Yıldırım, the new face of TÜDEMSAŞ very much liked (Photo Gallery)

Minister Yıldırım, TÜDEMSAŞ The New Face of Very Liked: Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim and National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz, Turkey's largest freight wagon manufacturer in Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ). TUDEMSAŞ General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors Yildiz Kocarslan visited the renewed facilities of TÜDEMSAŞ, our ministers saw the production stages of our TSI certified freight wagons and examined the R & D phase of our National Freight Wagon, which is currently underway.

UDH Minister Binali Yildirim, who visited our quality control laboratories with our Wagon Manufacturing and Repair Factories and Wagon Production and Repair Factories, which have gained indigenousness in 85 levels in the last developed wagons in the last developed wagons. Tudemsas' new and final version is very beautiful, yeni he said. Our Minister of State Binali Yildirim and National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz welded the Welding Simulator at the TUDEMSAS Resource Training and Technologies Center, the most advanced Resource Center of our region.

After the factory visit, our Ministers and the accompanying delegation, who were appointed to the position of General Manager, made a short presentation about the latest developments and innovations at TÜDEMSAŞ by General Director of TÜDEMSAŞ. Following the presentation, our Minister of Foreign Affairs Binali Yıldırım and İsmet Yılmaz wrote their thoughts and feelings to the TÜDEMSAŞ Memorandum in memory of their visit.

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  1. Everything is good, nice, nice, Mr. Yıldıray KOÇARSLAN congratulates the gentleman and TUDEMSAŞ in front of him for his successful modernization and development efforts, sincerely wishes the continuation of their success and we really thank them for honoring us.
    I'm not going to touch a point of interest in one of the pictures. In my opinion; a minister, especially as Binali gentleman, successful, someone Republic in the summit, which is certain to leave a deep mark in the history of Turkey, more other title (s), showing off vbg located on the requirements of No ever did, especially the more junior positions. In our country, even with the typical song habits, the top always needs to prove the supremacy. Of course, the visited position, a gesture to make a seat of the position on the top of the seat, because the top already position, the position is already "top". Once the top counterpart proves the necessary modesty as a real master, but what if the subordinate proves that he does not support the subordinate but instead of sitting in the front of him in front of him instead of supporting the subordinate? He will not lose anything, on the contrary, he will prove that he is respectful towards his subordinate and able to honor him and his other colleagues. Most important; Can you imagine how much people will be encouraged by this behavior? !!!