Osman Gazi Bridge has brought two sides together

Osman Gazi Bridge Brought Two Side Well Why the bridge was made Curved: Istanbul-Izmir between the 3.5 hour to reduce the last bridge on the bridge of Izmit Bay was held yesterday. President Erdoğan announced that the name of the giant bridge will be Osman Gazi

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at the opening ceremony of the 9-kilometer Altinova-Gemlik section of the highway, which will cost 40 billion dollars in total after the last deck was placed on the Gulf Crossing Bridge:

This highway is not only the highway of Istanbul and Izmir but also Kocaeli, Yalova, Bursa, Balıkesir and Manisa; Turkey's entire highway is a more accurate words. When finished, it will be possible to go from Istanbul to Izmir in 3.5 hours.
Even if we tighten the 40 kilometer section and the last deck of which we are opening, the Gulf Crossing Suspension Bridge will provide significant relief in the transportation of this region. You remember the tails that were here on holidays? Now it's all history.

(It's time) To explain the name of the bridge you will cross, that you will cross… We made our consultation. As a result of our consultations. Guess what? We are heirs to a blessed history. It is the duty of such a generation to carry the architects of this holy history into the future in the same way. We also said that our prime minister and minister evaluated it together. We said; Let's name it Osman Gazi Bridge. How is it appropriate? Is it beautiful? Aren't these places inherited from Osman Gazi to us anyway? Pass the Osman Gazi Bridge and integrate with Orhangazi. Best wishes. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said, "We have always experienced the love of serving this land, this country with the love of the first day since our President, who took over the flag on November 2002, 3". Transport, Shipping and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim said that Turkey bring together the two sides of the bridge. “We are proud of completing the fourth largest bridge in the world,” Yıldırım said.


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the opening ceremony of the Altinova-Gemlik section of the Istanbul-Izmir Highway and the laying of the last deck of the Osman Gazi Bridge, which passes through the Izmit Gulf yesterday. Erdogan was accompanied by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım, Deputy Prime Ministers Numan Kurtulmuş and Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Fikri Işık, and Minister of Health Mehmet Müezzinoğlu.

President Erdoğan, Prime Minister Davutoğlu and Minister of Transportation Yıldırım symbolically tightened the yellow screws of the last deck. Meanwhile, Erdogan said, “I wish good luck for my nation, for all humanity. Ya Allah, bismillah "he said.
Completed with the placement of the 113th deck, the bridge is planned to be opened before the Ramadan Festival. The highway and bridge are expected to save 650 million dollars a year. The bridge's toll will be 35 dollars plus VAT.


Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway built with Build-Operate-Transfer model will be 427 kilometers long.
Hersek Lagoon in Altınova, located on its edge, also affected the bridge project. The bridge was designed curved to the right after the Altinova leg in order to protect the wetland, which is frequented by flamingos. If it had been crossed, the natural area would have been under the bridge.


We are building the Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge and the Istanbul-Izmir Highway. I hope we will open the 3rd bridge to the Bosphorus on August 26. We had built Marmaray under the Bosphorus before. 3 million citizens passed through there in 130 years. Now we are building the Eurasia Tunnel. Even their dreams cannot reach what we do. We are building Istanbul the world's largest airport. When this airport is over, those who say they cannot do it will give another answer to those who say what is needed there for the bridge. Turkey, these services have the will to make the investment. Turkey is showing something to the world. Every project is being built towards the future step by step, with its president, prime minister, cabinet and all staff.


While we struggle to do, to build, somebody is working to destroy. You are looking at the Chamber of Architect Engineers. Do you know what their jobs are? A monument will rise somewhere, right? To go to judgment immediately to stop him. Each time they go to judgment, they return empty-handed. Breaking down, not building. Because they are also working with Paralel. There have been publications against us in the media.

We build bridges, these are in front of us. We start a tourism project, these are in front of us. We build a complex for the Presidency, these are in front of us. We build roads, we build airports, we make high-speed train lines, these are in front of us. So who are they? All of a sudden, opposition parties, some professional chambers, intellectuals experiencing ideological blindness, celebrities, consonants, these are “destruction teams”… Of course, there are also those who support them from outside, such as the European Parliament (EP).
We did not only solve the technical and financial problems needed for the development of projects, but also the realization of these projects.



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