GndiX of Atatürk Sümerbank Printing Plant from Atatürk Restarted 27 After Year

gidi gidi train nazilli
gidi gidi train nazilli

XIUM GndiX of the Sümerbank Shrinkage Plant from Atatürk Restarted after the Year 27: In Nazilli district of Aydın, the former Sümerbank Basma Factory, which is located in Aydın, is working for the workers to carry workers to the city. Trained as 'Gıtı Gıdi', 27 was re-run after years and started the expedition. Gıtı Gıdi has brought the dream to 88's retired chief engineer Hüseyin Karasoy.

The former Sümerbank Printing Plant, the first Turkish printing plant in Xnumx at Xnumx, Xnumx, and the former Sumerbank Press Factory, which was transferred to Adnan Menderes University in 25 and used as the Sumer Campus in 1935, was put into service by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk with a big ceremony at 2003 October 9. opened.

Factory opening / present (ADU Sumer Campus)

The Nazilli Sümerbank Printing Plant is very important in terms of being the first application of the “Social Factory Project” that Atatürk considers. The factory in Atatürk's head is not only a place of production, but also a laboratory with kültür R & D studies, a school with education, a culture complex with all kinds of art and sports facilities, in short, a ındaki living space bir. is a campus. Atatürk was planning to make these “social factories türlü all over Anatolia, where workers benefit from high standards and all kinds of opportunities an

The importance given to the opening of Nazilli Sümerbank Printing Plant, the first and last factory that Atatürk opened, is evident from the participation of almost all military officials in the opening. Gıdi Gıdı carried construction material and factory workers for the construction of the factory and later the people.

The veteran train known as kullanıl Gıdı Gıdi ç was used in Nazilli to connect the factory and the İzmir-Aydın railway line between the factory and the construction materials for the construction of the factory, the workers working in the factory, then the people.

'Gıdı Gıdi' was said due to the sounds of climbing uphill when loaded

Tickle Gıdı and first mechanic Saffet Özen

Loads of climbing up the slope of the public due to the sound of the train 'Gıtı Gıdi' was said.

Gıdı Gıdı, Nazilli Municipality, Adnan Menderes University (ADU) and TCDD have been working together for a year to renovate the wagon with the locomotive and started to re-launch a short time ago. Gıtı Gıdi has also restored the 88-aged retired chief engineer Hüseyin Karasoy.

Chief Engineer Karasoy's years passed in this trend

In his statement to the Anadolu Agency, the headmistress Hüseyin Karasoy said that a special line was drawn in connection with the train for the construction of the factory. He also pointed out that the train imported from Germany carried construction materials for the construction of the factory in the early periods.

Hüseyin Karasoy, who lives in the Senirkent district of Isparta and visits a relative in 1955, tells the meeting of the factory and Gıdı Gıdı with the following words:

. After they started, they gave it to the carpenter workshop. When I was working there, I was operated on my kidney at 1970, so they wanted to give me a light job. The Gıtı Gıdi mechanic was missing, and I started to work on the train. G

Trips stopped at 1989

Karasoy said that after the retirement of the headmaster of the time he was the chief chaplain, the train stops were stopped at the 1989. I was praying that the Toll Ticker would get a light on the train. I

Hussein Karasoy, the retirement of the 1981 despite the official separation of the train can not get off the train, he said that often visited.

'The worlds were mine'

After the completion of the restoration, the train was touring the city center

Karasoy said that he was very upset when he heard that the flights had been stopped, and he recalled how he remembered his old memories with the revitalization of Gıdı Gıdı:

Di They stopped Gıdı Gıdı at 1989, began to rot, and the spider was full, dusty. I came to Nazilli to see him and I would cry. How many times have I gone to Mayor Haluk Kucukcik, 'Put a tin on the directly 4 sew, this is the work of Ataturk,' he said. Then they said, 'Uncle, we're going to run that train.' That's when I got the worlds. I'm very happy today, I'm very happy. Yeniden

The factory, which was transferred to Adnan Menderes University in 2003, is being used as the Sümer Campus. Gıdı Gıdı will now carry students from the district center

The revitalized Gıdı Gıdı revived memories of many people, not only the headmaster Hüseyin Karasoy, but also the Nazillis working in Sümerbank.

Nazilli Mayor Haluk Alican


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