AK Party Altunyaldız Konya Transportation Projects

AK Party Altunyaldız Konya Transportation Projects: AK Party Konya deputy and Parliament, Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission Chairman Ziya Altunyaldız, 2003-2015 between the years of the total amount of transportation investments to Konya 4,7 billion TL, said that the total cost of the ongoing ring road, subway, logistic center and HSE terminal projects is 4,75 billion TL.

Konya, the AK Party provincial chairman by organized city Encounters program, speaking deputy Altunyaldiz Zia, recently in Konya transportation projects in Turkey with broad participation of a meeting held at the Grand National Assembly had discussed all the details, they have decided in point congestion and road said they map out " Following this, we had a meeting under the chairmanship of Minister of Transportation Mr. Binali Yıldırım. At this meeting, we forwarded our decisions to the Minister and asked for their support at the points where the blockage was experienced. They gave their instructions to the relevant bureaucrats with highly solution-oriented approached issues. As before, we will follow all of our projects in the Grand National Assembly and related Ministries. Bu

Noting that the total amount of transportation investments made in Konya between 2003 and 2015 was 4,7 billion TL, the total cost of the ongoing ring road, metro, logistics center and YHT station projects was 4,75 billion TL, Altunyaldız said, " important projects more than the total investments made in Konya during the period of our governments. The Konya Ring Road Project, which our Prime Minister laid the foundations for, is very important for our Konya. The construction of the 2 km Konya Outer Ring Road to be built in highway standards as a 3 × 122 lane divided road was included in the 2016 Investment Program. In the first stage, 71 km long karaman-Ereğli-Aksaray-Ankara-afyonkarahisar route will be made. The project will be tendered very quickly. Work will be completed quickly for the remaining 51 km. Hopefully, we will complete the construction of the 71 km section of the ring road before the 2019 elections. You know, the Metro Project is very important for our Konya. Our Prime Minister personally launched the project in Konya on April 24, 2015. When our President came to Konya for the Seb-i Arus ceremony held on December 17, 2015, they gave instructions to speed up the metro works. The Feasibility Study of the two lines was included in the 2016 Investment Program. The project of Necmettin Erbakan University line continues. The construction of this line will begin in early 2017. We plan to complete this line before the 2019 elections. Project work continues at the Campus-YHT Station-Meram Line. Construction tender will be held in September 2017. We are planning to start construction before the end of 2017. The works for the tender for the High Speed ​​Train Station within the body of TCDD are continuing rapidly. Hopefully, the tender will be held in May. We plan to complete the project in 2018. This station will be the collection and distribution station of both Ankara and Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train lines and Konya-Karaman-Ulukışla-Yenice and Kayseri-Aksaray-Konya-Seydişehir-Antalya High Speed ​​Railway lines. Even the subway line will be connected here. In other words, it will be the transportation heart of Konya in railway traffic, it will be the threshold point of the city in technical terms ”.

Altunyaldız stated that Konya Logistics Center, Kayseri-Konya-Seydişehir-Antalya and Konya-Karaman, Karaman-Mersin High Speed ​​Railway Projects are the touchstone projects to be the second Marmara Basin as the production and distribution center of Konya, and said, Kayseri The advantages of the geographical location of Konya The Konya Logistics Center project is of great importance in order to bring Konya to the east with all its dynamics and to provide logistic service to all countries and regions from Central Anatolia. The establishment of a logistics center in Kayacık is underway. We hope to complete the project in 2018. Preparations are ongoing for the auction. We will provide the logistic center to be connected to OIZs under the Konya-Aksaray high-speed railway agreement. Container transport can also be done through these lines. Even the logistics center will be connected to Ankara, Eskişehir-Istanbul High-Speed ​​Train Lines, Seydişehir-Antalya, Karaman-Mersin, Aksaray-Kayseri High-Speed ​​Railway Lines and Afyonkarahisar-Eskişehir Conventional Lines. Railway transportation is quite important in the way of being a production and logistics basin. On the other hand, the fact that Konya and Karaman can become a real investment base will be possible by providing a quick and low cost connection to the seaway where approximately 90 of the world trade is realized. In this context, we closely follow the Konya-Karaman and Karaman-Ereğli-Ulukışla-Yenice High Speed ​​Railway Projects, which will be used in both passenger and freight transportation. It is planned to open the Konya-Karaman line in July in 2016. We will complete the other line in 2019 and offer it to our citizens. On the other hand, Kayseri-Aksaray-Konya-Seydişehir-Antalya High Speed ​​Railway Line will connect the tourism centers of our country to Antalya, Konya and Cappadocia region to Kayseri and thus to the fast rail network. The project tenders of the 4 axis, which is located here, have been realized. The project is planned to be completed in 2017 year. Apart from these railway connections, the construction of the 3 important road route, which reaches to Antalya via Seydişehir, Beyşehir and Tashkent, continues. We also closely follow the work on these lines. I hope our paths will open as soon as possible in Konya, Turkey, and all of our services, "he said.

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