3 who made a bomb joke in the subway was asked to be imprisoned

Three students who made a bomb joke in the metro were asked to jail: In the Istanbul metro, they threw their bag full of basketball into the wagon and said, "Bomb!" 3 students who yelled, no one left. The incident caused panic in the passengers. In this incident, students were asked to be sentenced to 3 years in prison. Here are the details ...

Istanbul on March 4 Kadıköy - 3 high school students leaving the school in Kartal Metro threw their school bag full of basketball balls on the ground to joke and shouted "Bomb". It turned out that they had planned this event among themselves before. 2 more friends of the students with the bag with MOÖ, on March 4 KadıköyThey took the subway number 8 from Kartal to Kartal. While the metro was on its way, they thought of realizing the plan among themselves, and when the student with a black and red coat came to the Ünalan metro station, he got off the subway and threw the bag in his hand, saying "Bomb", before the metro door was closed. It caused a congestion in the wagon and the passengers stopped at Göztepe station.

Guards and plainclothes police took delivery of the bag. The other students, Y.K and A.Y, handed over the wagon passengers to the security guards. Children who were detained first and then interrogated in Üsküdar Police Department Juvenile Branch Office were released. In this incident, there was a delay of nearly 1 hour in metro services.

In this bad incident planned by the interrogated students to make a joke, they were asked to be sentenced to 2 years and 4 months in prison for "threat to create fear and panic among the public" and "kidnapping and detention of transportation vehicles". In the indictment accepted by the Istanbul Juvenile Criminal Court, the students will be tried later.

Günceleme: 09/12/2018 16:47

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