Yavuzlar Wagon's Choice Domestic Machinery Industry

Yavuzlar Wagon's Choice Domestic Machinery Industry: Yavuzlar Wagon, which produces for the railway sector at the point of modernization and production of wagons with its two large factoriesun Sakarya-Pamukova fabrikasını ziyaret ettik. 2016 yılı içerisinde fabrikalarını büyüterek ek bir yatırım yapmayı planladıklarını söyleyen firmanın İmalat Müdürü Şahin Özsoy, alım noktasında da ilk tercihlerinin yine yerli makina sanayinden olacağını ifade etti.
Yavuzlar Vagon, Türkiye’nin uzun ömürlü ve engin tecrübeye sahip vagon imalatı ve onarımı yapan şirketlerinden biri olarak tanınıyor. 21 yıldır, TCDD’ye Sakarya-Adapazarı ve Sakarya-Pamukova fabrikalarında sürekli hizmet vermektedir. Yavuzlar Vagon’da şu an çeşitli vagonların imalatı, bakımı ve revizyonu başarılı bir şekilde gerçekleştiriliyor. Faaliyet alanları arasında ülkede ve tren yolu uygulamalarında kullanılan tüm yolcu, kargo, ağır yük araçlarının, elektrikli tren setlerinin imalatı, periyodik bakımı ve araçların her türlü hasarlarının, arızalarının giderilmesi yer almaktadır. Yavuzlar Vagon; 8 bin 200 metrekarelik alanı ile Sakarya-Pamukova
also continues to manufacture as a modern facility with the latest technological equipment. The manufacturing units of the company include repair and manufacturing department, chemical process section and sandblasting section.
Can you get information about your production in your Sakarya-Pamukova factory?
In this factory for the first time in November 2013 in the first production. However, the existence of the factory in question, if we calculate the construction and commissioning of the five-year old I can say that. As the Yavuzlar Vagon, we used to have only a wagon revision. After a year of wagon revision, we transferred that part to our Sakarya-Adapazarı factory. We are now manufacturing wagon car body. Our factory in Adapazarı has an annual history of about 20. Even those factories are among the oldest factories operating in the area of ​​Turkey's railway. In Adapazarı, more passenger cars are being revised.
Who are you working with in the sector? Which companies do you have in cooperation with?
We are currently in Turkey Wagon Industry (TÜVASAŞ) are working with tendering. For the moment we have channeled most of our business there. We also have various business associations with TÜLOMSAŞ in Eskişehir. In both factories, I have to list as Yavuzlar Vagon; We have modernized the K-51 sleeper. We have completed our projects at UIC standards in our workshop which has the latest technological equipment together with our experienced technical staff and our team in Adapazarı center. However, we took part in the Marmaray project. In accordance with UIC standards, TÜVASAŞ, Hundai Eurotem and Yavuzlar Wagon have completed the internal dressing, assembly and modernization as a result of joint works. We produce main-line passenger wagons ve The maintenance, repair and overhaul of all types of mainline passenger wagons is completed in our workshop with state-of-the-art equipment. General Directorate of TCDD and 3. The annual maintenance and overhaul of the train cars of the region, the MT 5500, has been completed. In our Sakarya-Pamukova manufacturing factory, our state-of-the-art machinery and equipments are manufactured under the name of all kinds of wagon manufacturing projects suitable for the latest technology. In addition to these, the sandblasting facility can complete all kinds of external and internal blasting operations.
Let's talk about production in Sakarya-Pamukova hangi Which brands are there in your machine park?
Your Sakarya-Pamukova farik has an area of ​​almost 8 acres. We have laser, plasma. The twist is available in one of the 6 and 3 meters. All of our machines Durmazlar Brand. We also prefer cutting Durmazlarfavored. We have our press, 4 meter CNC vertical machining center and lathe machine. We produce our products as machining. The materials we cut here are the materials used in the side panels of the wagons' chassis, in short, all of its components. We can cut materials such as black sheet, stainless, aluminum, copper, brass. We are able to perform the bending of these materials in our press brakes. We have a CNC laser, a plasma bench, two press brakes, a guillotine. We can do all the operations like hot and cold cutting here.
Yavuzlar Vagon Manufacturing Manager Şahin Özsoy stated that they liked the quality of the domestic machinery manufacturers as well as being close to Bursa; Iyor Yavuzlar Vagon General Manager Yavuz Yavuz likes and supports the quality of the domestic industry. For this reason, our preference will probably be for domestic machinery manufacturers in our new investments. Yatırım
Your local brand rate is quite high yüksek So, are you satisfied?
The brands we work with are quality brands. Although foreign brands are very popular in the market, our preference is in favor of domestic companies. As a result, we are local. At the same time, Yavuz Yavuz, the owner of Yavuzlar Vagon, has this view: He loves domestic production and domestic companies and always supports them. There are also advantages of being native olmas
What are these advantages?
First of all, almost all of our machinery park has been supplied from Bursalı machine companies. Therefore, Bursa is very close to us in terms of kilometers, so they can offer immediate solutions to any problem. They can direct the service team to our factory, which is great. Thanks to their speed and instant service understanding, there is no hitch in our production. If it is not a very important problem, we can get support from phones. As a result, we have mechanical engineer employees. In this case, we can speak the same language. Believe me, it is very important to be able to speak the same language with the person you are dealing with in this intense work environment, especially in the face of a problem! They are also very good in their quality. but more economical.
Do you have a project to expand the factory in the future?
Right next to our factory, we have an area of ​​more than 3 acres on average. We planned to do something new there too. In fact, we started working as of 2016. We are thinking of taking the wagon revision here. After all, our factory is not enough anymore. We will also have machinery purchases. And again, our preference will be the local in these purchases. We are planning to do maintenance work in the coming period. For this reason, we are planning to buy one turning lathe. It's a pretty big machine… It is used to machine the wheels of wagons. Apart from that, we are planning to buy a large milling cutter to machine bogies. Although the order of the router I mentioned has been ordered, it will only come from abroad. As Yavuzlar Vagon, we will meet our appropriate needs wherever our business goes.
Yavuzlar Wagon Manufacturing Manager Şahin Özsoy said that they are making preparations to incorporate the 3-decare land located next to the Sakarya-Pamukova factories. “We are thinking of getting the wagon revision here as well. As a result, our factory is not enough anymore… We will also purchase machinery. And again, our preference will be the local in these purchases ”.
If you buy machine you will still get local?
I usually look at machine purchases. Yavuz Bey also supports our company owner. We are currently growing our own business. We are so busy ci However, with the investment we will make a purchase process again. The services of foreign origin machines are difficult. We're in the industry, and sometimes we hear production stops and waiting for weeks. We don't have a chance. However, such a thing never happens in the domestic machinery manufacturing industry. For us, their services are good, they can deal with all kinds of problems. They can handle our service needs almost in a day. What else could it be Daha
How are the current purchases in the railway industry? The government's cooperation with the private sector seems to be increasing… Is that really the atmosphere?
These do not affect our work very much. As a result, Yavuzlar Vagon has a specific name. We're not a small firm. It is good for us to shift the production of the industry into the private sector and to privatize it. We are also planning to buy high-speed train works as an aluminum chassis. From this point of view, I must say that there is an acceleration.
How do specifications affect you?
A certain period of time is reached and the signature is signed. For example we'll manufacture 124 wagons right now. All wagons have deadlines. The institution we received the tender for example 'us four wagons in a month to me,' he says. These also have term periods and if you cannot deliver within the promised time, the penal sanction will be applied. We are going through that contract.
Do you currently manufacture 124 wagons?
Yes, diesel engine sets leri We produce their products. We continue this way.
How was the 2015 year?
Railroad industry, or rather rail systems, has recently increased production… Even the state has incentives at this point. Therefore, the 2015 year in the framework of Yavuzlar Wagon was very busy. Both the revision and the production section continued to work without slowing down. I can tell you there's nothing wrong with our job.
Are you planning to increase your production in the 2016 year?
First of all, we hope that 2016 will be a good year. We plan to reach an agreement in 2016. Eskişehir, we have business here and Adapazarı. We continue intensely. Alar The brands we work with are quality brands. There is not a lot of foreign brands, the result is also local. Domestic machines are of the same quality as foreign machines; ini ekonomik We are also planning to buy high-speed train works as an aluminum chassis. From this point of view, of course I should say that there is an acceleration in the railway sector. Bu
He was born in Xnumx in Adapazarı. Şahin Özsoy, who has been serving in the machinery industry for years, He first met with Yavuzlar Vagon in 1987. özsoy; He is still working as Production Manager in Yavuzlar Vagon.



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