CHP deputy Yedekçi, we will not allow Kanal Istanbul

CHP deputies Yedekç, the channel will not allow to Istanbul every opportunity that puts stones on projects that will carry Turkey forward CHP, Istanbul deputy Yedekc said, "We will not allow in any way, Canal Istanbul," he said.

During the press conference he held in the Parliament, Yedekci stated that the "bag law" was on the agenda of the Parliament's Plan and Budget Committee and that they were informed about the preparations for the legal infrastructure of the Kanal Istanbul Project.


The reserveci, arguing that changes in various laws are proposed with the "bag law" and there is a question of circumvention of the law, "As the CHP, the articles we previously canceled by going to the Constitutional Court are brought back in the same form and an impression is made as if they were never canceled. We believe that the main purpose of the bag law is the realization of the Kanal Istanbul Project, which is named as the waterway. " he spoke.

Claiming that the Kanal Istanbul Project has a fatal danger for Istanbul, Yedekci claimed that the water basins, forests and first degree natural sites within the project route will be destroyed. Yedekci said, “We will never allow Kanal Istanbul to be built. We are sure that the social opposition about this will take action. " used the expressions.

Günceleme: 09/12/2018 16:41

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  1. While writing the news text, expressions such as "excessive" "as if this is not enough" are not used. Let the reader decide what this is. Just give the news. Unfortunately, when you add a comment, my confidence in the neutrality of this site, which I follow with love, decreases.

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