Sports Representatives of Universities Meet in Erzurum

Universities Sports Representatives in Erzurum Met: Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality and Turkey University Sports and Games Federation jointly organized 2. Winter Universiade participating in the Sports Games 33 university sports representatives, managers of referees and federation met in Erzurum.

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality and Turkey jointly organized with the Federation of University Sports Games 2 Interuniversity Sport participating in the Winter Games in 33 sports university representatives, referees and administrators of the federation met in Erzurum. Erzurum dinner held at the Mansion Historic Müceldil Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Ali Reza tiler of Turkey University Sports Federation President Prof. Dr. Kemal Tamer, Deputy Secretary General Ünsal Kıraç and Zafer Aynalı, Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Fuat Taşkesenligil and other officials attended. Deputy Secretary General Ünsal Kıraç said, “Sport means peace, sports means morality, sports means unity, solidarity and love, sports means to come together, sport means loving the country, nation, flag and homeland. Therefore, we attach great importance to sports and athletes. We have a Metropolitan Mayor who gives effort, supports and supports all sports, from amateur to professional, ”he said. Kıraç said, “Erzurum is a very safe city from night to day, from summer to winter. Our city has an atmosphere that makes people comfortable, peaceful and does not make you sick. You should come to Erzurum, visit Erzurum and see Erzurum living. Erzurum is really a safe city, a beautiful city, not as seen and talked about outside, ”he said.


Turkey University Sports Federation President Prof. Dr. Kemal Tamer thanked Mehmet Sekmen, Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, who always supported sports and athletes. Prof. Dr. Tamer said: “I would like to thank Mr. Mehmet Sekmen, the very valuable Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum, for his contribution to sports. This UNILIG Program is very different from our other program. Our government really gives serious support to this organization. We know the situation of winter sports in our country. It develops day by day, but unfortunately, this development is not as fast as we would like. We all know the possibilities in this beautiful mountain, this beautiful province. Erzurum has winter sports opportunities that are not available anywhere else in the world. You can reach the hotels in Palandöken Ski Center in 10 minutes from the airport and you can ski on the ski slope half an hour after your plane lands in Erzurum. Nowhere in the world we have ice halls as dense as in Erzurum. We need to use them all together. As a Federation, it is our duty to organize nice organizations in this beautiful place and to offer this service to our universities. Our universities need to be in and in the middle of this business. Every student coming to Erzurum should ski. Universities should not stay away from winter sports. Erzurum, the first question of the 2011 World University Winter Games candidate because sports authorities 'Is it snowing in Turkey?' happened. 'Yes, it's snowing in Turkey, the most beautiful snow, the cleanest snowing in Turkey, Erzurum is falling,' we said. It is very difficult to find such a beautiful environment anywhere else in the world. It is not possible to find this beautiful atmosphere and warm people anywhere else. Let's improve the winter sports in this beautiful country together. "


Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Ali Rıza Kiremitci stated that they keep sports on the city's agenda. KİREMİTCİ Secretary-General, said: "Really Turkey in Erzurum, sports managers, we have a sense of trying to keep on the agenda. From the Governor to the Metropolitan Mayor, to the sports directors and the federation presidents, everybody is showing their part. They are doing their best to make this city a university city, a health city, a city of history and sports. I thank them on behalf of this city. I would like to thank all those who have brought Erzurum to the agenda with such a beautiful organization, who shared them with us, who put their heartfelt effort into the realization of this organization, and to our universities and athletes who participated in the competitions by showing their hearts, I sincerely wish them continued success. As Metropolitan Municipality administrators, we are trying to do our best for the development of winter sports. In this winter season, 5 thousand 8-12 year old students will have taken 20 hours of skiing lessons. Our ski training has been continuing for 3 months. We also support all branches of sports. We open winter and summer sports schools. We also strive to do sports ourselves. Because if you don't love, you can't make you love it. We will continue to raise our youth about winter sports. "

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