5 centimeters of snow left in Uludağ

There is 5 centimeters of snow left in Uludağ: Snow depth has dropped to 5 centimeters in Uludağ, one of the important centers of winter tourism. Most of the hotels had to close early in the season in Uludağ, where the ski lifts on the tracks are not working.
In Uludağ, which skiers describe as a white paradise, there is a shortage of snow during the winter season. As the weather was above seasonal norms, the snow depth, which was 85 centimeters in Uludag the previous week, dropped to 5 centimeters this morning. While 8 hotels in Uludağ had to close early in the season, chairlifts are no longer operated due to melting snow. Hotel operators said that Uludağ was only attracted by daily vacationers on weekends and said, “This year was very bad. Most of the bookings were canceled due to insufficient profit at the beginning of the year. Not bad during the semester break. Then, when the snow melted, we were devastated. "If this temperature continues in Uludağ, there will be no snow tomorrow or the next day."

There are a total of 6 hotels, guesthouses and cafeterias in Uludağ with a total capacity of 29 thousand beds.