TÜDEMSAŞ will take the domestic freight car to rails on 2017

TÜDEMSAŞ will raise the domestic freight wagon to 2017: TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan said, agon This year, the integrated bogie brake system will be used in the Sggmrss three-bogie container transport carriage to be manufactured for prototypes.
Of Turkey in the coming years, it is producing and exporting railway technology to countries in need of development in order to bring the country to a situation 'National Train Project' takes work. Turkey Railway Machines Industry (TÜDEMSAŞ) is also part of the project 'a new generation of national freight cars' are operating in. TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan stated that they are planning to take the domestic freight wagon to the rails in 2017. X This year, integrated bogie brake system will be used in Sggmrss type three bogie container transport carriage to be produced prototypes. We are aiming to make the container transport wagon, which will be produced in TÜDEMSAŞ, ready for mass production in 2017 by completing prototype production and certification. TÜ
R & D activities by offering they make innovative products to market, to be more active in the sector targeted to the buyer stating Yildiray Koçarsl, "Turkey, taking into account the condition of the ground area boxcar in the rail network, of the changing and evolving needs of the sector, giving priority to the production of new and innovative cars. We aim to be more efficient in the sector with our R & D studies Ar. Ası Due to the necessity of reducing noise in freight wagons produced in accordance with TSI conditions, Koçarslan stated that K type composite sabos should be used in the braking system. However, with the application of the technology to the bogies of Y25, we have calculated that the tare of the container transport wagon will decrease by about 2 tons. We foresee that significant profits can be made over the entire life cycle with a carriage of less than approximately 2 tons. Yaklaşık
“From this point of view, the general trend in the coming years will be to use more efficient, environmentally friendly and economic new generation freight wagons rather than existing freight wagons. evaluated. Ü With modern wagons that are more sustainable in terms of environment, more sustainable in the environment and high economic life, with modern wagons with high logistic capabilities, it seems like they will be able to create a brand preferred by logistics companies in the near future,, he said.
"TSI, it has become mandatory in Turkey"
Trans-European Railway (TEN) network in the running rail vehicles of expression technical criteria set forth for mutual operation of our mutual Operating Technical Specifications of the (TSI) indicating that it has become imperative by the year 2015 in Turkey Yildiray Koçarsl this context, the certification process initiated in TÜDEMSAŞ, RGNs and the Sgns type container has been completed for transport wagons. Koçslan stated that the new generation freight car Rgns, which is located in the production program of the company, is among the lightest and multipurpose wagons of Europe in its class with the 20.5 tonal tare of the company. It is designed to carry very different loads such as pipes. A fully national design Rgns type freight car 80 is an innovative product with a different loading scenario and integrated bogie brake system. Another new generation of freight car, Sgns, produced by the company, stands out for its lightness with the 17.4 tone tariff. Fazla
”New generation wagons reduce operating costs“
The average is 40 years, said the wagon's business life in Turkey Koçarsl, "Turkey with a wagon of the same type operating in the rail network, this newly developed cars, when compared in terms of operations, during the operating life are amortized itself an average of six times. An important element in reducing the tare of the wagon is the integrated brake system. Although this system is more expensive than conventional brake systems, it is very easy to maintain and does not require maintenance for many years because it is in the form of a closed box. Bu
According to TSI, the reduction of noise in the freight wagons produced by the company is one of the important criteria. I Therefore, K-type composite sabos are used in the braking system of freight wagons produced according to TSI. With the new generation products developed, TÜDEMSAŞ is increasing its quality standards every day and TSI certification process for closed ore wagon (Talns) and heated cistern wagon (Zacens) with integrated braking system to be produced in the second half of this year continues.

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