Train Passed In Passenger Minibus 1 Dead, 3 Injured Injured

1 dead, 3 Injured: In Tatvan district of Bitlis, 1 was killed and 1 was injured in the 3.
According to information received, towards the evening hours towards the direction of the Vangölü Ferry Operations Directorate, freight train crossing the level crossing in the Bahçelievler neighborhood by the Euphrates Swimmer 13 M 1042 plate to the passenger van hit the middle. As a result of the impact of the city passenger minibus to the edge of the road, the vehicle driver Fırat Swimmer died at the scene. Bünyamin Akyan, Mustafa Temel and Melek Temel were injured. The wounded were removed from the vehicle with the help of citizens in the vicinity of the hospital to be treated in an ambulance Tatvan State Hospital, the event died at the funeral of the funeral of the Fırat Swimmer was taken to the hospital morgue for autopsy.
On the other hand, while the investigation into the accident, the level crossing of the crossing of the crossing in the plates so that the passages must be controlled in a controlled way was noticeable warning.



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