The Russians will make the Trabzona railway

The Russians will make the Trabzona railway: Bülbül, the railway project will be spoken much about the explanations, "the Russians occupied Trabzon, the railway construction began the moment. The Russians should re-invade Trabzon to arrive at the railway. Demiryolu
Turkey will cost 7 40 billion railway project is scheduled during the year, despite being promised to be caused to react to this scope of Trabzon. Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and Railway Platform SözcüSu Şaban Bülbül made a striking statement about the railway project. UM In 1880 the Russians started the railway in Trabzon when they occupied Trabzon. The Russians should re-invade Trabzon in order to bring railway to Trabzon. Trabzon
Bülbül criticized the Trabzon bureaucrats and politicians for the railway project and said, de The days and authorized people in Trabzon cannot get what they want. I believe that the authorities cannot establish the necessary pressure on the central government to come to Trabzon. And I want to ask you this. Is the railway to Trabzon to be moved to another place? If they will not be done, let's say it with heart. Eğer

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