Safiport added railway after sea and land to port

Safiport added the railway to the port after sea and land: Safiport Derince, which provides services in all transportation areas by using port services actively, as well as land and sea route as well as railway, establishes an intermodal logistics center.
Safiport Derince, which is one of the rare ports in the railway station, provides transportation between sea-land-rail.
With the restructuring efforts, Derince Port, which is the only port where the rail line is brought to the berth, adds to the third leg, which is generally the third leg in the cargo handling between sea and land at the ports. Thus, it carries out an organization that will provide integrated service from the Far East to Europe and Africa.
next to the port business development of new government policies and the Turkey international and regionally rail stressed will increase the importance Safiport Chairman Hakan Safi, in Turkey, from about 75 billion freight volumes between Europe and Asia noted a much larger share of receivables. Hakan Safi said the following about the subject.
Hakan Safi, explained the goals should be reduced to achieve the goals noted.
In Ministry of Development 10. As described in the Development Plan for the strengthening of the logistics location of Turkey, we know that aimed to become able to compete with the world. Turkey within the scope of law on the liberalization of the Turkish State Railways Railway Transport will be opened to private carriers and the network announced the liberalization of rail transport will be provided. To achieve these goals, of course; it will be possible to reduce the costs of logistics, reduce transportation time and ensure the dissemination of intermodal transport. Therefore, we want to strengthen railway transportation as it is included in the development plan. Our port is already a port with all kinds of equipment and features. From this perspective, we are focusing on our logistics and railway investments and we are establishing our intermodal logistics center as Safiport Derince. Biz
Safiport Derince, the next 4 million tons of cargo on the railway, indicating that they target Hakan Safi, 2019 million tons until the end of the year 1 announced the connection was made. Safi said that in the second quarter of 2016 the loads on the rail could be handled, and in the middle of 2017, automatic stacking cranes (RMG) would be ready in port for cargoes on rail.
Thanks to these cranes 8 track line, 2 land line can be handled simultaneously. Turkey will be the first in the RMG (Rail Mounted Gantry Crane) cranes will be named thanks save time win-speed transport.

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