Door failure in İZBAN made me give up

Door failure in İZBAN made me give up: Door failure in İZBAN made us give up. As a result of the malfunction at the train door, the trips were delayed for 30 minutes, while the stations were busy. Thousands of citizens who had to wait on the platforms reacted to the situation. The incident took place at the İZBAN Running station at around 07.50. While the citizens tried to get on the train due to the passenger density experienced, a malfunction occurred in the door of the train.
Passengers waited for about half an hour for the fault at the door to be rectified and the voyage to begin. Meanwhile, when other trains on the same line had to wait, passenger density was experienced at the stations. Thousands of passengers started to wait, especially at İZBAN Şirinyer Station, due to the delay in train services. While the flights returned to normal after half an hour, the passenger density caused by the breakdown was over. However, citizens reacted to İZBAN officials as a result of the breakdown in the morning hours.

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