General Manager of TCDD examined the ferry construction under construction

TCDD General Director of the Stars ferry examined the ongoing construction: Vangölü continued unabated in the construction of Turkey's two biggest ferry Ferry Directorate has been viewed by a large delegation.
Bitlis Governor Ahmet Çınar, Tatvan District Governor Murat Erkan, Tatvan Mayor Fettah Aksoy, General Manager Ömer Yıldız, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Maritime Trade General Manager Cemalettin Şevli, Deputy General Manager M. Emin Tekbaş and 5 District Manager Asst. Mustafa Vangölü delegation consisting of Calik Ferry Directorate 's worth visiting the ongoing construction of a shipyard in Turkey's two largest ferries were informed about the latest situation.
Governor Cinar, "ferry largest ferry in Turkey we are in now. Nearly one hundred percent of this ferry is completed. All embroideries and details will be completed during the 15 days and the first of the ferries will be completed between 18 - 20 March. The ferry's twin is also built right now. In July, I hope the room will begin to float in waters, başla he said. It will have great economic contributions to our region, our city and Tatvan district in all aspects of its employment, the loads it will carry, the personnel it will work, and all aspects of it after it starts to swim, Yarat he added.
The 136 meter-long ferry, which is entirely domestic, has a double-sided loading and 360 degree rotation capability, thus saving considerable time during berthing. The freight capacity of the ferry is three times higher than the previous ferries, but the fuel savings will be more than the 60 compared to the previous ferries.
50 wagon and automobile transportation, as well as the new ferries that can be made to passenger transport to the service period between Tatvan-Van 4 time 30 3 hour 15 minutes is expected to fall to XNUMX minutes.


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