Get Sivaslı Tüdemsaş!

Get Sivaslı Tüdemsaş! : Abdullah Peker, Head of Union of Transportation and Railway Employees, said in a press release about the transport of TÜDEMSAŞ, which was also kept by the politicians and Sivas Mayor Sami Aydın on the agenda.
Peker, the press release of Sivaslı Politicians, NGOs and Sivaslının definitely wanted to claim the TÜDEMSAŞ. Sivas needs TÜDEMSAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ is the biggest public investment for Sivas and it needs to be developed in the same place.
Peker said: zemin Our institutions in Sivas have been moved to other provinces or closed down and we see that the foundation has been prepared for the migration of plaster. When someone comes to the point that the liquid will be the Metropolitan, we see that the opposite is done. I couldn't understand what a contradiction. Please do not force the patience of Sivasl, please do not mock the minds of Sivaslılar.
Because, considering the housing need and structural situation of Sivas, TUDAMSAS does not constitute an obstacle in the development of the city in any way. Moreover, it is located at a point where perhaps thousands of people who do not have transportation problems and who will work in succession will come to work without suffering from transportation problems.
For personal interests Those who try to change the high speed train route must take their eyes over this land. If the people of Sivas to be moved to another place, this factory is completely destroyed.
Transport of TÜDEMSAŞ means destruction. The main purpose of the organization is not to move, TÜDEMSAŞ four hundred thousand square meters of area and lodging is to make the place of rant. According to us, something urgently needs to change in Sivas, one of which is the change in the heads of the managers of NGOs. So these people are so insistent on the transfer of TÜDEMSAŞ to another place, the people of Sivas and TÜDEMSAŞ know that we know very well.
We call unemployment and poverty on the importance of TÜDEMSAŞ Considering that the average in Sivas, Turkey should once again be considered.
Even the children know that the main purpose is not to make TÜDEMSAŞ more efficient by becoming a more technological facility, the aim is the fact that the 410 is a thousand square meters of land and there are lodgings taken into the site. This idea is a dangerous idea, it is an idea that will make Sivas a village.
We believe that the claim of TÜDEMSAŞ should be the task of all Sivaslılar. tüdemsaş'l the same position in which our organization has more than two in Eskisehir (TULOMSAS) Turkey Locomotive Industrial Corporation) that in Adapazari (TÜVASAŞ) Turkey Wagon Industries Inc.) take these two organizations are in the midst of their provinces. TÜVASAŞ and TÜLOMSAŞ have been enlarged over time and made more contribution to the national economy. The Mayors, Governors' Stk's and the Chambers of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Presidencies in those provinces have made considerable efforts to grow. We expect Sivas Bureaucracy to do the same.
Moreover, they took the TÜVAŞAŞ in Adapazarı, which was destroyed by the earthquake in 1999, to the same place with the help of MPs, Mayor and NGOs. Do not destroy TÜDEMSAŞ when there is no such earthquake in Sivas.
Do not make such a perception by pulling your dirty hands from TÜDEMSAŞ, which makes a great contribution to the country's economy, which currently exports about 10 million TL to the Sivas market. Our company, which has been transformed into a modernized institution by making millions of money by replacing the CNC machines, is an institution which is the center of the wagon production and repair center located in the top of the Middle East.
Now you'll have if you move this institution Do you favor Sivas, Sivas and Turkey of course not to do this will be the greatest betrayal. Sivaslılar does not forget this inconvenient transport event and makes necessary when and where necessary.
At present, we see that 2 thousand people are working together with private company employees.
In particular, the Sivas deputies, as well as the Sivasli deputies elected from other provinces, Stk lara, the principal profession of the Sivas Mayor Sami Aydin, the businessman and the contractor of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Osman Yildirim, I call for the bureaucrats here Sivas second he cannot lift an iron-steel event, olay he said.



  1. Tüdemsaş'da innovations, changes and technical facilities, although a little less than in the past. However, these developments are extremely inadequate throughout the country .. a company but a customer is a pseudo-production. assembly-work is done in the factory.In the production of the desired quality of the cargo vehicles are not reached. Production costs, the cost of the market is above the max ... productivity in the work of the workers in the factory is low. FULL should be privatized or connected to the ministry of industry. It should not enter into the political torpedo .. The introduction of those who do not know how to do business does not benefit here .. It should be able to do the domestic market konterner, safe box, iron / cast works.