In Stockholm, the bomb panic stopped trains

The bomb panic in Stockholm stopped trains: the passenger train on his way to Stockholm in Sweden was evacuated last night when staff reported a suspicious package on the train to the police.
Police press spokeswoman Fredrik Kliman said they had evacuated the train near Katrineholm on the notice they received from the train personnel, and then the bomb experts were called to make detailed searches. Fredrik Kliman indicated that the train would be towed to a safe area and searched for a bomb.
Police questioned witnesses, one of the two people were taken to the police station to be taken to get detailed statements. The second person included in the interrogation was said to be the person who caused anxiety and panic among the train passengers.
Passengers who were evacuated from the train had a second cabin bag in front of the passengers when they were transported to Stockholm. The train passengers waiting for the buses were taken away from the region.
With the start of Easter holidays, it was stated that the trains were stopped by the railway and 8 trains and thousands of passengers were affected. Stopped trains started again after midnight.

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