Technology is used at the highest points in Solentek

solentek truck
solentek truck

Solentek uses technology at the highest points: Solentek uses technology at the highest points in the production of freight wagons and parts for the world railway sector. We met with the General Manager of the company, Muammer Abalı, who meets the needs of the railway sector. Abali; He said that they benefited from the domestic manufacturers in the machinery track and said that they are working with the brands with the latest technology and the highest quality in the machine purchases.

Solentek is operating in the Nilüfer Organized Industrial Zone in Bursa, in the area of ​​9 bin 200 square meter production area with its technological infrastructure and rail systems and steel processing fields. The company attaches special importance to R & D studies for rail systems, which are the most vulnerable in our country. Solentek with its experienced and dynamic technical staff; Product design and delivery, after-sales service processes by applying total quality management, customer satisfaction and quality without compromising, to achieve the highest efficiency in services and continuous development is aimed. Solentek Çelik ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Metal, Metal EN 15085-2 CL1 Railway Components X, X EN 3834-2: 2005 Comprehensive Quality Requirements for Melting Welding of Metallic Materials “,” EN 1090-1: 2009 Steel Construction Applications “, Belgeler ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System X and UM OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System X quality certificates.

What markets does Solentek offer?

Solentek was founded on 2010. Currently the production of wagon, freight wagon and load board parts are being made. Our main markets include France and Germany. Together with them, we also offer our products in domestic market.
Do you only manufacture parts of the wagon here?

We make various pieces. We have the capacity to produce the product completely; but it is impossible to send a finished wagon to Europe; because there is no rail here. Secondly, manufacturers in Europe want to build parts here rather than assemble them. Then the manufacturing is their own. So they can sell them from there to other places, the system works in this way sistem So we are manufacturing in this way to several companies.

How many square meters of production is made here? Can you tell us about the production processes of the wagons?

This place has an area of ​​9 thousand 200 square meters. Production with welded production is realized. Two different types of wagons are manufactured. There are thousands of kinds of each; but one is freight wagons and the other is passenger coaches. For example, TÜVASAŞ makes a passenger car; We also do the production of freight wagons. Our manufacturing is simpler than theirs. In a nutshell, we take sheet or profiles, bend or boil in various ways and bring out a product. In essence, this is a place where welded manufacturing is made.


General Manager Muammer Abalı, who says that they prefer domestic machinists instead of foreign origin machines, is very satisfied with the domestic industrialists. Machinery manufacturers in Bursa now produce 'world class'. Their machines are also sold to Italy, and the United States said,… It is not possible to say that there is a serious problem in their quality. Onların

Which machinery companies do you have cooperation with?

Akyapak, Nukon, Dirinler, are working with companies such as Ermaksan. We mostly buy plates with a certain feature from Eregli. There is another firm called Özkanlar in İzmir. We also get special profiles from them or import them from abroad. Generally, lower-level steel profiles have been manufactured in Turkey. Quality control is a little difficult because they make these from scrap. But we should be able to get from Karabük; but Karabük also does not enter it. We take these and cut the sheet and profile according to the project that we have produced here or that our client has given us. We bend them, combine them with welds. Therefore, we are using the machines you are talking about. For example, we have Akyapak cutting machine. We continue to use it. We also have laser; it is also the machine of Nukon. Our Benders Ermaksan; Our welding machines are of Buğra brand and Fronius have some machines, as well as Lincoln's Bu We have scissors; it is also the brand of Ermaksan.

As if you prefer domestic machines more Yer

We are making domestic purchases for domestic machinery. Machine manufacturers in Bursa are now producing at the 'world class' level. Their machines are also sold to Italy, and also to America. Therefore, there is no serious problem in their quality. This is a place where the sheet is processed. One of the most important works of Bursa is sheet processing. Therefore, domestic machinery meets almost all the works of manufacturers. Those that are not present here or are problematic are some types of machining. For example; such as machining centers. They are already very large machines, coming from outside. But in the world they are already doing these companies. Other than that, we do not have a general complaint from our machinists. Our complaint is related only to the fact that they do not arrive in time when there is a malfunction. But this is always a common case. There are always situations between the user and the service provider. So you live with the crane, with the forklift truck ç

Which projects are currently in production?

Currently, we have four projects in our factory. The first one is the scissor transport wagons that we made to TCDD on the occasion of a tender. The scissor carriage is a very special wagon, the width of the scissors is so large, it doesn't fit in normal roads, you can't move it. TCDD now carries these shears by shredding them and assembles them in place. On-site assembly exceeds tolerances as well as wasting time. Therefore, they want to move them completely at the factory in Çankarı. Then you should be carrying the large platform in a curved way. In this way we manufacture a special wagon. We did the project of this wagon. Of course, it's not something we dream of, it's the type of wagons in the world v TCDD already told us what it wants. This is our first project; project, we are manufacturing, we do. The tests of the car can also be said to have ended up. As our second project, I can say that we made a car transport wagon. This is a car made with TULOMSAS. Again for TCDD ÜL His first prototype is over, he is at TÜLOMSAŞ facilities. I'm guessing he'il be leaving in a month or two. Our third project is to produce a front and rear part of the chassis for a tanker company in Germany. Finally, we are building a complete chassis for a company in France.

As far as I understand, you are mainly working abroad ığ

Yes, the 80 of our turnover.


In the railway sector, Solentek's machine park, which mainly produces wagons and parts, has the latest technology machines. General Manager Muammer Abalı stated that they work with important producers from Akyapak to Nukon, Dirinler to Ermaksan among the solution partners; Or We do the machine purchases. We usually take cutting, bending machines. We are working with brands that are a little better, capacity, and a bit higher in technology. Teknoloji

When I looked at the sector, we even bought the wagons we needed from abroad; but the course is changing. How do you evaluate the future of the sector?

In general, the railroads sector has come entirely from the state monopoly, the production of freight wagons and passenger cars has been completely in the hands of the state so far; all knowledge has been in the hands of the state. In other words, people working with the state have this information. But overall long years of neglect of railways (in the whole world had a choice in this direction) because Turkey has failed to develop the information in the railway sector. It remained at a certain level. We didn't have a lot of new and modern projects. Currently, Turkey is trying to create them. The state is opening several auctions. Especially in freight wagons, TUDEMSAS and TULOMSAS are conducting these tenders. These include both the project and the manufacturing. Therefore, I believe that knowledge and development will be experienced independently from the state in the coming period. But that Turkey is very new, so we're called liberalization. In my view, this sector will make significant progress in the coming period. Turkey wagons private sector in the field of re-learning the railways.

Other sectors have a disciplined work ethic. Especially when a tender is entered into the business Özellikle

Sometimes the work done to the press is not reflected due to the nature of the works. For example; you can see examples of this in the defense industry ün Technically, in the confidentiality agreements, these works; but this privacy in the railways is the commercial quality of privacy. For example, there is the World Railway Fair in Berlin in August. If you go there you can see all the wagons, there is not much privacy. There are even those who copy; but when you do that wagon, you can get in trouble. So the secrets here are not like the defense industry.

Is Solentek's idea of ​​investing in the coming period?

Machine purchases are mandatory, we do. We buy cutting, bending machines mak We are buying machines of companies with slightly higher number, capacity and a little more at the technology point. Maybe something like a machining center that we would like to take. But for her, I can say that there is a process ahead of us.

You have a resource-intensive workspace. Do you need a robot in your factory?

Of course ası We are already evaluating this esi We have to have serial production to be able to manufacture robots. So you need to be doing a lot of the same thing. The sector of freight wagons and passenger wagons is completely handcrafted. There; however, some parts can be made by robot, not by hand. The interesting thing is that you don't do a lot of the same product in this sector. Figures like 100, 200 are at maximum. 'Order 10 from the wagon to me UM is an order or demand anywhere in the world. There are also very large factories in China; but even though the use of robots there is limited. You can use it in certain regions and places.

What is your expectation at the robotic production point?

We work in a resource-intensive manner. So we have a chance to make our resources much smoother and more quality by using robot. The important thing here is what parameters, what kind of resources we need to produce robotic production. Already with the use of robots in the next process will tolerate the cost itself. But we are currently in the process of identifying processes and areas that are important for the purchase.

Current Railway Tender Schedule

Salt 10

Tender Announcement: Wheel Set will be purchased (TÜDEMSAŞ)

September 10 @ 14: 00 - 15:00
Organizer: TÜDEMSAŞ
+90 346 2251818
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Procurement Notice: Fuel will be purchased

September 10 @ 14: 00 - 15:00
Organizer: TCDD
444 8 233
For 12

Procurement Notice: Heating of Stations and Maintenance of Boilers

September 12 @ 14: 00 - 15:00
Organizer: TCDD
444 8 233
Mon 16

Tender Notice: Public Transportation by Sea

September 16 @ 10: 00 - 11:00
Organizer: IMM
+90 (212) 455 1300
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