Snowboarding among pine trees

snowboarding among pine trees: Sarikamish of Turkey's most important ski centers, has become especially popular among snowboarders. Surrounded by soft crystal snow and pine forests, large areas attract boarders who love to slip on unpowered spots

having the same crystal belly ... at one point in the Alps sunny weather most of the year, but profits in Turkey, does not lose its properties during the season in which the first oil. Unlike many ski resorts in Europe, there is no fog, the view is clear. Its surroundings are covered with majestic yellow pine forests, so it is protected from the wind. You can ski for five months between December and April. During the season, there is an average of 1 meter of snow and no avalanche danger. These; Features of Kars Sarıkamış Ski Center… Sarıkamış; In addition to having one of the longest ski slopes in the world, it is also a very important point for winter sports in terms of density and quality of falling snow. Bayraktepe, which is the peak of the center located 40 minutes from Kars Harakani Airport, is at an altitude of 2600 meters. In Sarıkamış, which has a total of nine tracks, one of the tracks is reserved for snowboarders. In the center, the total length of the tracks reaches 13 kilometers. The fact that Sarıkamış's tracks are covered with crystal snow attracts skiers. Crystal snow that does not freeze, retains its shape during the season, does not wet and adhere to athletes; It offers a very convenient and risk-free environment for skiers. In Sarıkamış, where there are different stages suitable for all rock lovers; Alpine and northern disciplines, slalom, large slalom, Super-C ski types, as well as tour skiing, snowboarding and skid trips. There is also a 50-kilometer cross country area. In the center; There are many hotel options, some of which are open 12 months of the year and some are only open during the winter season. While full board double room prices are between 400-450 TL in high season, it is possible to accommodate 250-350 TL right now.

The interest of snowboarders on Sarıkamış is increasing day by day. There are many different reasons for this situation. Athletes who are always bored with the same tracks and crowd prefer Sarıkamış. The fact that Sarıkamış is surrounded by pine forests pleases snowboarders who like to slip off the track. Crystal snow is also a boon for boarders. Moreover, the ski pass prices in Sarıkamış are very affordable. In this center, the price of the ski pass, which can be used by two people together, is 60 TL. Unlimited ski pass for a single day is 45 TL.

We asked the reasons for Sarıkamış to become a center of attraction for snowboarders to traveler and snowboarder Orçun Dalarslan. Dalarslan, who started Snowboarding in 2004, says, “The best part of Snowboarding is being in a sweet struggle with nature.” As soon as you make kilometers, you do. ” Stating that the crowd and density in the popular ski resorts negatively affect the athletes, Dalarslan said, “Waiting for long queues for lifts lowers the motivation of the person. Sliding on the same tracks becomes boring after a while. So people are looking for new places. ” Emphasizing that the athletes now know more about Sarıkamış, Dalarslan says: “The reputation of Sarıkamış started to spread from ear to ear and aroused curiosity. Of course, being able to slide in Sarıkamış until the end of March It is very easy to do the movements in soft snow, which is another advantage. ” Stating that the crystal snow creates a safe environment for snowboarders, Dalarslan lists Sarıkamış's advantages as follows: “The softness of the snow increases the mobility. It is easier to make movements on this snow. You can fall while making a board. Falling on soft snow is less dangerous. ” Dalarslan's favorite tracks in the country are Sarıkamış and Palandöken, which can slip at night. The total length of the tracks here is 600 kilometers. My favorite of the three valleys is Meribel, which is definitely in the middle. ”

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