Kartalkaya ski center snow thickness 90 centimeter

The snow thickness in Kartalkaya ski center is 90 centimeters: The maximum snow thickness in the ski resorts was measured in Kartalkaya with 90 centimeters and the lowest in Uludağ, Hazarbaba and Kartepe with 15 centimeters.

Snow thickness at ski resorts was measured at maximum 90 centimeters in Kartalkaya.

According to data from the General Directorate of Meteorology website Turkey in general it determines the maximum snow depth was 90 centimeters in Kartalkaya.

Erzincan Ergan with 85 centimeters, Palandöken and Konaklı with 80 centimeters, Ilgaz with 60 centimeters, Davraz and Bitlis Nemrut with 55 centimeters, Sarıkamış and Erciyes with 40 centimeters, Yıldızdağı with 25 centimeters and Uludağ, Hazarbaba and Kartepe with 15 centimeters The center followed.