Artificial Ski Track for Bursa Atatürk Urban Forest

Bursa Atatürk City Forest Artificial Ski Slope: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, the Metropolitan Municipality of the City of Ataturk by the 12 month can be used to make an 'Artificial Ski Run' he said.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, carrying the values ​​of a modern future with the Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats to examine the Atatürk Urban Forest 12 a 'Artificial Ski Runway' can be used for months, he said.

Reminding that they support sports in every branch in Bursa, President Altepe said, bir As Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, we continue our efforts to make Bursa a brand sports and tourism city. For this reason, where in the world of brand facilities are examined on the spot. We are bringing Bursa one of the facilities that will actually revitalize our city. Kent

Skiing every season
Mayor Altepe stated that sports facilities have been built in Bursa and added: We are realizing one of the most important projects that will support tourism and sports tourism. We will build the artificial ski track with which we have received the approvals and pre-work in the Atatürk Urban Forest in the Odunluk area. Thus, the Urban Forest will be an important activity and sports center. Bursali will do sports in this beautiful nature, Bur he said.

President Altepe stated that the approval of the Board of Natural Heritage was received for the project related to the facility where the preparations were made and said, Kurulu The artificial ski track will be built on the track between the trees in the Urban Forest. In this way, 12 will be able to ski in all seasons, throughout the month. No more snow will be expected to ski. With the moistened floor, we will be carrying one of the most successful and best quality projects in Europe. It is also our mission to support skiing and to train athletes in Bursa, where Uludag is the center of skiing. For this purpose, young people will receive ski training. Everyone will learn how to ski. As a Metropolitan Municipality, we are giving a visionary facility to Bursa Büyük.