Asylum seekers continue railway action

Railroad action by asylum seekers continues: Asylum seekers waiting at the camp in the town of Idomeni in Greece continue to close rail in the region

Asylum-seekers waiting at the camp in the town of Idomeni on the border with Macedonia continue to close the railroad they launched on Monday in response to the border not being opened.

The group, which set up tents and placed benches on the railway in the region, stated that they do not believe in the placement policy implemented by the European Union (EU) and will be "forgotten" if they move away from the border.

Idi Canan, one of the Iraqi asylum-seekers, said to reporters that the placement process was extremely long and slow, saying, “We do not want to leave the camp here. We will continue to wait for the EU to open the borders. ” said.

Noting that they will continue their protests, Canan said, “If we go to a camp other than İdomeni, the world will forget us. We cannot convey our messages to other societies. ” used expressions.

On the other hand, Marco Buono, head of the Thessaloniki Bureau of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), said, "I understand the refugees, they feel extremely tired." he spoke.

Emphasizing that the resettlement program implemented by the EU may be a solution for asylum-seekers, Buono said, “We are aware that the process is slow as many refugees come to Greece. We expect a little more patience than the people here. ” said.

Meanwhile, as many as 12 asylum-seekers in the refugee camp in Idomeni have been waiting on the border since March 7 to move to Macedonia.



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