Şanlıurfa's Light Rail System Requirement Taken at TÜMSİAD

The Light Rail System Need of Şanlıurfa was Discussed at TÜMSİAD: The report prepared by TÜMSİAD Environment and Urbanization Commission was presented to Mayor Nihat Çiftçi.
President Çiftçi koy TÜMSİAD has revealed a vision that is full of vision through this meeting Başkan
Sadık Sade, President of TÜMSİAD, said: bilin The value of this city should be known to all of us.
Mayor Av. Nihat Ciftci visited the Şanlıurfa Branch of TÜMSİAD and attended the meeting about the city's report on settlement and traffic problems. Metropolitan Municipality Advisors Ümran Merci Bilim and Nusret Urmak attended the meeting with the President of the Farmer, a meeting format so far not used by the most accustomed to, and a very efficient meeting with the content of the meeting said they had.
In the program, the President of the Environment and Urbanization Commission of TÜMSİAD Volkan Uzsoy and Branch Vice President Halef Karataş gave a presentation and briefing to the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality. Especially after the presentations on the problems related to traffic urbanization, the Mayor made evaluations.
President Nihat Çiftçi started his speech by evaluating the issues raised by the public transportation system and said, dile The main public transportation in Şanlıurfa is taking place towards the North. Our means of transport on this route is not enough and does not respond at the ideal level. Now we have to take light rail seriously. Light Rail System has been brought up to date, but no serious work has been done. It is not enough to take the bus on the South-North line Güney
The city's traffic problem in solving the work they will do day to day, but the holistic thinker, Mayor Nihat Ciftci said, ları We are preparing a transportation master plan. We need to have a master plan before we can find the right applications by thinking, sharing and discussing. We're going to think about the way we're gonna do it. We will expand the stops, reduce the number of buses by enlarging. Dur
Dır Roads are almost the veins of the city. You do not have the chance to relieve the heart of the city before you settle your vessel. In particular, we should plan the main boulevards such that; Don't be spoiled for many years. We made the utmost effort to do this in the last application we made in our security street. We are making two U turns to the east and west sides of the junction to relieve the abide traffic Ab
Gerekiyor It is necessary to understand and implement urban transformation. Urban transformation is not only to renew old buildings. If you develop social spaces, car parks, green spaces, then you will apply urban transformation to the original. Otherwise, you will not solve any problem beyond renovating the building de
There are so many expectations and burdens on our municipality. Regardless of which institution is concerned, whether or not it is related to us, the people see the municipality as a solution center. This increases our burden. In fact, both institutions and individuals, everyone should say: ”We are the Municipality”. I've already got it for us, so I have everyone. When we think about it, both our energy increases and our load is reduced Böyle
President of the Sanliurfa Branch President Sadik Sade stating his views at the meeting, said that we should know the value of the city. President Sade, “Sanliurfa; is a city that we live in, which we entrust our children, our children, will host our future. We need to know the best of its value. Knowing the value of the city goes from being sensitive to and possessing. While addressing the city's problems and shortcomings, we need to assist our managers in offering solutions. Our problem should not be to throw the burden on our shoulders. Another is to eliminate the problem without installing the load. Our commissions are on duty in this and other matters. We will continue to fulfill our duties by organizing meetings with our competent interlocutors when it comes to order. Sır

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