RayHaber 17.03.2016 Tender Bulletin

Engine cylinder head preparation, maintenance and repair work for DE 24000

Loading service of concrete sleepers will be taken

DMU bogie fasteners will be purchased (TÜVASAŞ)

Staff service will be taken

Cleaning service will be taken (Afyonkarahisar Wagon Maintenance and Repair Workshop Directorate)

Disassembly of the rotary bridge and removal of the ground rails by dismantling and installation of the rotary bridge and floor after the renovation

Maintenance and repair of engine generator group of generator wagons (TÜVASAŞ)

Buy Cradle Sleeper (TÜVASAŞ)

Various Engine Valves Will Be Purchased (TÜLOMSAŞ)

Elevator maintenance and repair service will be taken

Flywheel gear will be purchased (TÜLOMSAŞ)

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