Railway Staff Doesn't Want Transferring

Railroad Personnel does not want to be transferred to another location: Officers and workers working in Samsun Station want to work on a temporary mission rather than being transferred to other cities.
State Railways Work at the Samsun Station and the general directorate of the 5 in the day of the transfer of officers and workers claiming that the other places, the garden of the garage did not want to transfer, they said they want to work temporarily.
Speaking on behalf of the workers and officers, Turkish Transportation-You Samsun Branch President İbrahim Temurcan said, “There is a grievance of the civil servants due to the renewal of the Samsun-Sivas (Kalın) State Railways line route. There are 591 workers-officers working between Samsun and Kalın. 350 of them work in Samsun. The 2 branch managers, who came from the headquarters without being asked to the officers working here, gather the personnel here and tell them to be transferred by spreading fear. They give people a 5-day transplant time. They release a second fear by saying 'If you do not want your transplants, we will send you wherever we want'. It shouldn't be like that. The people of Samsun should protect the railway workers. We have nearly 2 employees here. These people have added value to Samsun. These people spend their expenses in this city. "If people leave this city, it will damage Samsun."
Stating that they did not want to make money by sitting idle, Temurcan continued his words as follows: Our people want to go where they need to be on a temporary mission. At present, there are already friends working in Kars, Erzurum, Kayseri and Malatya. All our friends have demands to work this way. In spite of these demands, they call us 'transfer or transfer'. The people who work here continue their children's schools more. How are people going to leave their kids, their homes and their surroundings when they're transported? I leave this to the public game. Bunu
Temurcan added that the path of the court is open in case of forced transfer of the personnel who do not want to transfer.
Due to the modernization of the Samsun-Sivas railway, it was closed to railway traffic for approximately 3 years.

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