Women in Konya

Women's Private Tram in Konya: A signature campaign was launched for women in Konya. Thousands of 500 signatures have been signed by the 'Create separate wagons for men and women on trams ere signature campaign launched on the online signature campaign platform. On the online signature campaign platform, the citizen who started the signature campaign by asking for the creation of separate wagons is explained as follows; Rahatsız In Konya, many people are troubled by the fact that men and women on the trams travel together in a congested manner. We want to create private wagons for women and men in the trams to avoid such situations where there are inconvenient situations according to our cultural, moral and religious values. We want to solve this problem by creating an option with tram cars that can appeal to women, men and men and women who want to travel together again. Lar

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  1. Certainly, there should be special areas for women in all areas of life, not only in transportation but also in education, medicine, market, cinema, theater …… .. in short, a womanly life should be offered to women.