Palandöken Municipality Certifies Small Skiers

Palandöken Municipality Certified Tiny Skiers: By the Palandöken Belediyespor Club, the 6 young skier who completed the three-month skiing course for 8 and 50 children, received a course of completion with a simple ceremony.

Palandöken Municipality Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Culture Center and Sports Complex held a short speech at the certificate ceremony Orhan Bulutlar Palandöken Mayor, Başkan Palandöken Belediyespor Club in the branch of the 10 continues to operate with over one thousand licensed athletes. Today, after three months of training, we are proud of our skiing teacher. I just want to say that this is just a beginning. Because in the future, this number will be doubled or tripled in Palandöken district, our children will not ski, ski will not know.

All of our social, cultural and sportive activities that we have carried out at Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Culture Center and Sports Complex belong to our municipality. This center serves as a school. In addition to vocational courses, we also offer 500 thousand 2 people together with a thousand 500 sports complexes. We have this center of 13 thousand square meters and cost 12 trillion liras and be pleasant to the money because we have offered the nation's money to the service of the nation again.

Reminding that skiing was successfully taught by coach Yusuf Şeker, Demet Andiç Karslı and Ömer Taşkesenlioğlu at Erzurum Palandöken ski center by teaching children the finer points of skiing, President Bulut said, “The introduction of ski equipment in the course attended by 50 students, Physical Preparation Before Skiing, Shoes, Baglama and Stopper ( I would like to thank our instructors who taught rules such as Stopper), Posture, Sticks - Batons, Fall - Up, Ski Wear and Other Materials, Walking, Track Rules and Safety, Climbing, rules of skiing, ski technique, ”he said.

Mayor Orhan Bulutlar, coach Yusuf Şeker, Demet Andiç Karslı and Ömer Taşkesenlioğlu gave plaques for their services and presented certificates of tiny skiers. Then the tiny skiers 3 their training during their monthly training videos and videos of tiny skiers with a slide show was shown to their parents. Palandöken Mayor Orhan Bulutlarını as well as Palandöken Belediyespor Club President and Vice President Zafer Bülent Engin, Vice President Turgay Erdem, Vice President Necdet Aydın and students' parents attended.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 16:47

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