Nostalgic Tram Gets Expedition to Curse Terror

The Nostalgic Tram Expedition to Curse Terror: The nostalgic tram named 'Sahne Senin İstanbul', prepared by the Beyoğlu Beautification Association, took time to curse terror. Nostalgic tram was distributed to the citizens carnations.
'Stage Your Istanbul', who interrupted the event because of terrorist attacks, this time he walked to damn the terror. The famous nostalgic tram, identified with Istiklal Street, has made a meaningful event for the condemnation of terror. Organized by the Beyoglu Beautification Association, the house has been organized twice a week and the musical 'Stage your Istanbul' took the road this week on the tracks on Istiklal Street to curse the terror. On the side of the wagon attached to the back of the tram 'curse the terror' side of the side of the 'Beyoğlu tradesmen will not surrender to the terror' poster was hanged.
On the road, on the tram, carnations were distributed to the citizens in the surrounding area to support peace. Citizens and foreign tourists showed intense interest in the tram, damaging terror. Those who saw the tram had plenty of memories. Along the way, moving cars from the tram tram across the street created colorful images.
Meanwhile famously said if accompanied by a street artist saz 'Turkey'm part of the' gave support to the event.



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