Railway Transport Association Meeting with Minister Yıldırım

Railway Transport Association held a meeting with Minister Yıldırım: Members of the Board of Directors of the Railway Transportation Association (DTD) visited the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Mr. Binali Yıldırım at his office. The meeting lasted 45 minutes in a very warm environment.
Visit, President DTD Board Ozcan Salkaya DTD Secretary General Omar Faruk Bacanlı DTD Board Member Recep Soyak DTD Member Köktaş Logistics winner, Samsun and the Parliamentary Public Works, Transportation and Tourism Commission members attended Mr. Fuat Köktaş.
Mr. Murat Kavak, Deputy General Manager of TCDD was also present at the meeting.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of DTD, Mr. Özcan Salkaya gave the following information to our Minister in writing and orally;
1- Detailed information was given about the establishment process of DTD, its Member profile and their work.
In the 2-TCDD Goods Schedule, halting the hike in March 2016, since the 2007, other regulations in the scope of the Goods Tariff, which directly affect the cost of transportation wages and transportation directly negatively, were carried out against the private railway companies and therefore the transport amounts were not increased at the expected level; that the pay tonnage in the 45-57 tonal range needs to be made in 45-59 tone, and that there is a need for a positive change in the tariffs in order to make the railway again attractive,
3- rail vehicles before dealing with the registration of which payments are made under TCDD same name is not back towards the payment under the same name to another government agency and should not apply to currently used cars this matter in the regulations,
4- All new regulations and regulations have been difficult to meet the private sector companies, all the arrangements to be made in this process, the private sector, to ensure the survival and sustainability of all kinds of protection and encouragement to be made, all costs to increase the cost to be taken in this process or very reasonable level that the state does not see the railway as a gate of income,
5- The railway transport sector, which has been going through a very difficult process due to the inadequacy of the railway infrastructure, cannot compete with other modes, the amount of transport of TCDD has decreased compared to the previous years, Therefore, the liberalization of the railway transport, railway infrastructure (maintenance-repair, electrification, signalization, rehabilitation ) It will be very important for the country and for private companies to invest, if their investments are completed quickly,
6- In the liberalization process, it is necessary to open the way for being together with TCDD and Railway Transportation Inc. not to be a competitor,
7- In this transition period related to all manufacturers of railway sector, Turkey's private railway companies, investors, transporter, in order to survive Rail Freight Operators of the Corporation to pave the way for the benefit of such incentives,
8- local manufacturer of TCDD's private sector affiliate to take a share of the wagon orders (opening of the tender way), Foreign logistics companies that want to bring their cars to Turkey but that it stopped,
9 - Acceleration of locomotive investments and manufacturing
10- Promoting the preparation of private sector as railway for Caspian crossings,
11- In the process of Liberalization of Railway Transport, we demand that a "Communication Coordination Board" be formed under the presidency of UDHB, that DDGM, TMKT, TCDD and DTD gather together at certain periods and review the functioning of the system, by improving the process that will pave the way for the system through this board. It was stated that making the relevant regulations would be very beneficial.
A written report was also given to the Minister.
Mr. Minister stated that he had taken note of what had been said, that he would examine the written report carefully, that they would always be with the private sector, and they would make an evaluation with their close colleagues.
Wishes were collected in the next process.

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