Date given for national train

The date for the national train was given: Organized by Kocaeli University Mechanical Engineering Club, '1. KUMMPAS Days (Manufacturing Technologies, Vehicles, Energy and Air Conditioning Sectors Presentation, Engineering Methods and Information about Production) will be evaluated.
Kocaeli University Faculty of Engineering Savas Ayberk Conference Hall took place in the three-day event, Kocaeli University Vice Rector Prof.. Dr. Bekir Çakır, Kocaeli University Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Dr. İbrahim Saraç, Tüdemsaş General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan, Tüvasaş General Manager Hikmet Öztürk, Tülamsaş R & D Engineer İbrahim Erşahin, Tüvasaş Marketing Evaluation Department Head Erdal Aba, Tüdamsaş Production Planning Coordination Department Head Mustafa Yurtsever, Durmazlar R & D Director Selçuk Cebe and Durmazlar Sales Manager Sunay Şentürk.
Rıza Girgin, President of KOÜ Engineering Club, and Assoc. Dr. In her opening speech, Emel Taban gave information about the club and said that the aim of the club is to bring the sector and students together.
General Director of Tüdamsaş Yıldıray Koçarslan, providing information about the industry, the factories are constantly welcoming young engineers, he said. Koçarslan said, ed We will invite you as soon as possible. Koç Tüvasaş General Manager Hikmet Öztürk said, “In our factory passenger cars are produced. In 2018, we aim to produce aluminum wagons for the national train ”.
Tülamsaş R & D Engineer İbrahim Erşahin said that the sector is promising and our country is one of the leading countries in the world in rail transportation. Ş We are the eighth country where high-speed train is used Er. In the second session of the event, Erdal Aba, Head of Tüvasaş Marketing Department, Mustafa Yurtsever, Head of Production Planning Coordination Department, Tülomsaş Mechanical Engineer İbrahim Erşahin, Durmazlar Holding-Tender Manager Sunay Şentürk and R & D Director Selçuk Cebe made speeches about the sector.



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