March Looks at the Door, Skiing in Bozdag

March in the door looks, Bozdagda Ski: The cold and rainy weather in the Küçük Menderes Basin with the effect of the month together with the Bozdağlar and Aydın mountains once again turned white. Bozdag Ski Center was the address of those who want to enjoy the snow in March. On Friday night, with the snow falling, the winter landscapes of Bozdağ and Gölcük, which are the summer resorts of Ödemiş, have emerged.

Those who want to evaluate the weekend in the snow-covered Bozdağ neighborhood preferred Bozdağ Ski Center. Some citizens climbed to the top with the chairlift, while some citizens enjoyed the snow with sled. The snow scenery in Bozdağ created an agenda in social media. In March, the snowfall brought mobility in the neighborhood that expresses Bozdag district headman Halil Faruk Otçu, tar While the rainfall in the plain of our region Bozdaglar remained under the snow again. With snowfall on Friday, the snow thickness in the ski resort has reached around 20 centimeters. Both our guests from Ödemiş and our guests from the surrounding cities and districts enjoyed a day of snow in our ski center.

With the snowfall, the teams of Ödemiş Municipality were kept ready for any negativity and opened some roads. Although we did not like the intensity of the semester break, the resulting artisan laughed our face. All citizens in the summer, separate in the winter season, we are waiting for the Bozdağ Mahallemize.

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