Leveling Problem in Manisa

Manisada Level Crossing Problem is Solved: A concrete step has been taken for the level crossing between Manisa Train Station and Manisa State Hospital, which is in constant danger.
The level crossing between Manisa Train Station and Manisa State Hospital continues to be the ordeal of the citizen. The traffic ordeal at the level crossing between Manisa State Hospital and the train station that has become the bleeding wound of Manisa for years can also be dangerous. TCDD 3. Regional Directorate, which has started to act especially after the news in the press, is initiating the necessary studies in the region. In order not to lock the traffic on the passage, a double-track railway will be constructed on the edge of the Manisa ring road from the Saruhanlı junction to reach the Turgutlu side of the Manisa ring road from the Turgutlu direction to the Saruhanlı direction.
In the written statement, which was served with the signature of the Governorship of Manisa, the following statements were made on the subject: “The subject of the level crossing near Manisa State Hospital, which was published in some local and common press organs, was examined by TCDD 3. Regional Directorate. In the letter received from the 3rd Regional Directorate of TCDD, it is not possible to make the underpass and overpass in question due to the construction and topographic structure, to minimize the interruption of the road traffic in the passage, to minimize the maneuvering movements in the station, from the Saruhanlı jihad. It is reported that the incoming freight trains will be completed by Turgutlu before arriving at the current Manisa Station, and by the end of 2016, when the double-track railway construction continues for the passing of the train trains from Turgutlu to the Saruhanlı direction. ”



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