KYK students stressed Zigana stress

KYK students stressed in Zigana: The Directorate of Credit and Dormitories (KYK) Gumushane Provincial Directorate, students in the context of social activities for students living in dorms Zigana Silver ski center stressed.

KYK Gümüşhane Province Director Mücahit Atalay contributes to the promotion of the city by returning to his hometowns with the beautiful memories of Gümüşhane after his graduation. to ensure that they are stated.

For this purpose, students previously housed in dormitories Karaca cave, Tomara waterfall, historical Gümüşhane houses are located in the Suleymaniye neighborhood reminiscent of trips to the Atalay, these trips in the last Zeynep Ana Yurdu Students in the Eastern Black Sea, the only ski resort Zigana Silver Ski Center said they take.

Atalay, students stressed that they have fun and they contribute to the promotion of the city, he added.

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