Konya's Ski Center Aladag Wore White Wedding Dress

Konya's Ski Center Aladag White Wear Wedding Dress: Konya's winter sports center will be in the last days of March in the town of Derya Aladag, re-wearing the white wedding dress.

Snow in some districts of Konya, both citizens and producers engaged in agricultural activities were happy. In the last days of March in the town of Derbent snow covered the district covered with white. He wore his white wedding dress in Aladağ, the ski resort of Konya. Snowfall pleased the people of the district and the local farmers.

Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar, said in a statement, this year the winter period of the dry and rainy, while experiencing the sadness of the rain in the last weeks of March, said they were happy. Acar emphasized that they were more than happy with the snowfall while waiting for the rain. In addition, another happiness was Aladağ's re-wear of her white wedding dress. Because it will be the winter sports center of Konya, work on this subject, Aladağ'a snow falling, will continue to enjoy the skiing pleasure until the end of April. We estimate that the snow thickness of 5 inches in Derbent has reached the top of Aladağ's peak. Te

On the other hand, snowfall was effective in the high altitude neighborhoods of Beysehir with the town of Derebucak, while settlements and nature were covered with white cloth.

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