Konya Becomes a Ski Center

konyaderbent aladag
konyaderbent aladag

Konya, the granary, will be a winter tourism paradise in a very short time… Aladağ in Derbent District has managed to attract attention with its potential for suitability for winter sports. Installation works continue in the region. With the support of the Metropolitan Municipality and the government, Aladağ is expected to make a great contribution to the tourism of the country as well as Konya.

Rising on the borders of Derbent, 55 kilometers from the city center, Aladağ, with an altitude of 2 thousand 385, is preparing to become the ski center of the city.

Aladag area with more than a kilometer runway, the brand of winter tourism in Turkey in Uludag's twice the size .... Important steps have also been taken at the establishment point in Aladağ, which has a very suitable potential for skiing with its 30 degree slope.

The first initiative came from Konya Metropolitan Municipality. With the facilities put into service, Derbent will be one of the points where tourism movements are intense. In addition to skiing, the region is also a center of attraction with its natural beauties and oxygen reservoir forests.

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