Coach Sports Fest Palandoken Winter Games Started

Koç Sports Fest Palandöken Winter Games Begins: Palandöken Winter Games started in Koç Sports Fest, where Koç Holding has brought young people to sports and entertainment since 2006, in cooperation with our country's University Sports Federation, and this year was added for the first time.

360 young athletes participate in Koç Spor Fest Palandöken Winter Games.

Ski and snowboard races will be organized in the games that will continue until March 4 at Erzurum Palandöken Ski Center.

Okan Gültekin, a professor of sports sciences at Uludag University, said that the competitions in the games were open to all young people.

Explaining that the tracks in Palandöken are very tight despite the snow problems in many ski resorts with the warming of the weather, Gültekin said, "Our Ski Country Championship and Snowboard Country Championship will be organized here. sohbet did.


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