The firm that won the tender for Kayaş - Elmadağ Railway Project Infrastructure Construction has been announced

Turkish State Railways Kayaş - Elmadağ Railway Project Infrastructure construction tender has been announced.
Section l (Kayaş - Elmadağ) (Km: l2013 + 185984-813.007.912,60 + 2) Infrastructure of Kayaş - Kırıkkale with the number of 263/45 KIK of the General Directorate of State Railways Enterprise of Turkey and the approximate cost of 440 TL.
YSE Construction company won the tender for the construction of 749.924.150 TL.
In the meantime, when the objection of Doğuş Construction company was rejected by the JCC, he applied to the Court and won the court. In line with the reasons stated in the court decision, it was decided to determine the corrective action pursuant to the paragraph (b) of the eleventh paragraph of the article 4734 of the Law No. 54, by considering the prequalification application of Doğuş İnşaat ve Ticaret A.Ş. At this stage, the decision is expected to reach TCDD, but bids can be canceled for the decision in which the tender was opened and the tender was concluded. The subject will become clear in the coming days.
As you know, KIK had essentially examined and rejected the objection of Aga Energy - Yedigöze İnşaat joint venture based on the court decision. Aga Eneıji - Yedigöze İnşaat joint venture applied to the Court because it could not be shortlisted and won the court. He had submitted 5 bids to the tender.



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