Ski Orienteering Championship was held in Turkey Sarikamish

Ski Orienteering Championship was held in Turkey Sarikamish: Orienteering Federation held by Turkey "Turkey Ski Orienteering Championships", it was completed with the final race.

Approximately two days since the race in Sarıkamış district Cıbıltepe Ski Center Laundry Creek in Hakkari, Agri, Kars, Erzurum, Sivas, Bingol, Van, Erzincan, Izmir, Bursa and Ankara, including many cities, including 150 athletes attended. Ski athletes, 2300 high-altitude forests in the area established electronic readers, electronic devices inserted into the fingers of the reader tried to find direction.

Some of the athletes struggling to reach the arrival area had a minor accident. Kars UMKE staff immediately interfered with the accident. In the meantime, the powers of the Federation of women on the snow denouncing violence and lösevi drew attention to the writings.

Governor of Sarıkamış Yusuf İzzet Karaman, in his speech at the medal ceremony, said that the races organized in the district for the second time successfully completed.

All sporting events will be held in Sarikamish governor's office, stating that they give great support governorship and the municipality Karaman, "Crystal wife and Turkey will be held in the pine forests of ski orienteering sport is the most suitable place Sarikamish. Sarıkamış is a world-class tourist destination. We have to introduce this potential to the athletes and the organizers. I would like to thank the President of the Skiing Orienteering Federation and the members of the organization. Kayak

Sarikamish Mayor Göksal at Toksoy, Sarikamish the summer, winter will be held in various branches of sports in all seasons Stating that the whole contest organization the power to host, "Currently Turkey's progress ski season in many parts of the ski is in progress the Sarıkamış Ski Center. For this tourism and martyrs in the district of our town in a short time will become a global brand, Onun he said.

If Turkey Orienteering Federation Organizing Committee Chairman Metin miller, this contest is held in two years, the cause of two Sarikamish also be stated that it is very convenient geographical structure.

Such national organizations representing the great sacrifices need to Miller, "Turkey Orienteering Federation President in coordinating Thompson Colakoglu, Sports Toto's sponsorship, Governorship, Sarıkamış District, Sarykamysh municipalities, Physical Sarikamish Caucasus University Education and Sports High School, Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate of Kars UMKE 'with the support and contribution we are making mutlugun Sarıkamış'ta the Turkey Championship. In this sense, although a new branch of sports, I think we have made important progress as a federation. We are planning to organize international competitions in Sarıkamış in the coming years by strengthening our infrastructure together with the ski federation. Kayak

After the speeches, the athletes were awarded medals.

Medal ceremony, Sarıkamış Governor Yusuf İzzet Karaman, Sarıkamış Mayor Göksal Toksoy, Kafkas University SABESYO Director Assoc. Ali Dursun Aydın Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports Gursel Parker, Turkey Orienteering Federation Organizing Committee Chairman Metin millers, athletes and citizens joined with federation officials.

The athletes who achieved degrees in two-day races were listed as follows: Male 16 - Aykut Match, Female 16 - Gülenay Aygel, Male 18 - Ramadan Match, Female 18 - Gülcan İçgüleş, Male 20 -Ugur Sunflower, Female 20 - Ayşe Canata, Male 21 - Yunus Metin, Female 21- Siti Ören, Male 35 - Mustafa Koç, Beginning Male-Murat Trigger, Beginning Female-Ceren Iron, took first place in their categories.

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